I would like to invite you now to close your eyes and just relax. Become aware of how it feels to lie on this couch, to be in this room .. notice how comfortable it feels … you may be aware of other sounds or noises … you may feel the texture of your clothes on your skin … Good… Now expand your awareness even further to become the couch, the room, the sounds … feel yourself expand and be at one with everything, and yet separate from everything … because you are not these things, even though you know you are part of everything … because you are energy and energy is connected to all things. 

Feel how good it feels to have this time to just be … even though there is really no such thing as time … this does not concern you as you lie here because that part of you that believes time exists … that conscious part of your mind that is in control during your waking day … that conscious part does not need to be here right now. And because the subconscious knows there is no time .. only the world that is within you … that is you … and because your subconscious mind is you … you can let the conscious mind drift off now and allow your subconscious mind to be the one that is listening to the sound of my voice and the words that I say. 

Your subconscious mind knows what to do … in fact it is far wiser, far more aware than the conscious mind … it remembers everything that has ever happened to you. So, you can let go of thinking now, or worrying … because your subconscious mind will remember all that is important for you to know … now and after you wake up. And as your subconscious mind follows my words, let your conscious mind drift; with each word you are going deeper and deeper within. Trust that you are safe and that this is an entirely pleasant experience at all times. 

In a moment I’m going to count down from ten to one. With each count you will experience a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and a greater level of inner awareness. As I count your subconscious will adjust your brain wave frequency to exactly the frequency needed to access your inner knowing. Aware that the subconscious part of you knows everything there is to know.

Ten, feeling so relaxed … nine, growing heavy … eight, shifting your awareness inward… seven, six … taking you deeper and deeper … five, no longer aware of any sounds except the sound of my voice … four, three … so deep now, feeling such inner peace … two, all the way down … and one …so relaxed, and so peaceful. Very good.



I would like you now to imagine yourself standing on a green grassy hill. It is a beautiful clear, sunny day. There is a green meadow at the bottom of the hill, gently stretching into the distance, dotted with trees and flowers and many different kinds of shrubs … the meadow is so lush and green … the sky is so blue … and the light so translucent all around you … below there is deep healing and wisdom. 

Beside you there is a path that winds its way down the hill towards this meadow … You notice that it has tiny pebbles of healing crystals of all colours mixed in with the gravel … the crystals reflect all the colours of the rainbow in the shimmering light … and you know this path has a special healing energy as it winds down into the park below. The slope of the hill is gentle enough that you can easily walk down as it forms gradual, gentle slopes or steps towards the bottom. You step onto this path and you know the path will take you to the bottom easily and safely…

I am now going to count from five to one. With each count, you will go further … and further down the hill … bathed in the healing light of the crystals as you go … keeping you safe and protected … making the journey so effortless. When you reach the bottom, you will be more relaxed than you have ever been before. 

Five – Begin to make your way down the hill, so easy and so pleasant … Four – Going deeper and deeper … Three – Getting closer, feeling more and more relaxed the deeper you go .. Two – You are almost there now … and … One – You are standing in the meadow. Indicate to me with a nod when you are there … good. Very good…



The styles of induction used are:

  • Induction (Flocking – permissive style with some elements of guided imagery)
  • Deepener (Guided visualisation – with content suggestions)