By Lynda Aghan

As you start to relax into a peaceful and tranquil state, you can allow your conscious mind to drift away like a cloud in the sky.  You don’t need your conscious mind to be aware and active so it can float with the breeze on a clear spring day.  Your subconscious mind can listen to my voice and hear what I say and allow your conscious mind to enjoy the scenery as it drifts in a sky of blue.

Your conscious mind is the one which is engaged when you are learning new skills like when you were a child and made breakfast for yourself for the first time.  It was a conscious choice such as getting a bowl out of the cupboard.  Then getting the cereal out of the pantry and pouring the required amount into the bowl, returning the cereal box and then getting the milk from the fridge and pouring it on the cereal.  Now this skill is second nature and you don’t think about it a great deal.  Before it was possibly a hard skill to learn without making a mess and now you do it automatically.  In fact, you could possibly do it with your eyes closed.

Each new step or skill is learnt by the conscious mind but when you know it well, the subconscious mind takes it over, leaving the conscious mind free for more important things.  So as you continue to relax and drift and become more deeply relaxed, your conscious mind can just let go…  Allow your subconscious to listen to my voice…  Allow the sound of my voice to guide you in this deeply relaxed state…  Listen to my voice and comprehend the meaning of my words… 

Now as you continue to relax, you may not have experienced such a deep state of relaxation before, know that you are in safe hands and in a safe place.  Continue to allow your conscious mind to drift like a cloud floating in a breeze.  It is your subconscious mind that is the keeper of all your memories. It knows what you have done through your life . . .  what has worked . . . what has not . . . what decisions have been made . . . It knows what is working for you now and what is holding you back…  So allow yourself to take a deep breath and go twice as deeply relaxed as you are feeling now… 

As your subconscious knows you best, allow it to explore new possibilities for you.  Allow it to make the changes required to allow you to set aside forever those things that serve you no longer.  So let your mind and body relax further as I count now from 10 down to 1… and at each number you will relax twice as much as you are now…10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . go deeper and deeper now…6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . so very relaxed now…3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

You are now feeling extremely relaxed.  I want to speak to the part of you that engages in self-sabotage.  I ask for that part to step forward and when they do, please say “hello”…

(Wait for client to say hello and respond)…

Hello to you – may I call you by a name? (The client may respond with a person’s name, what the ego state is or some other name.  Whatever it is fine.  I will call it “Sabo” for ease of reference). 

Hello Sabo, it is good and kind of you to talk to me today.  I want to reassure you that you are doing nothing wrong but the methods that you are using are hindering (insert client’s name) progress and I am wanting to hopefully use your help in finding another way to support (???)…  I totally understand that you are just trying to help and keep the client safe and that is a good thing that you have done…  But he/she has learnt that lesson now… he/she thanks you for teaching it to them as you have done such a good job.

Now Sabo, I want you to explain to me why (insert client’s name) needs to do what they do. 

(It maybe that Sabo causes the client to self-sabotage because they don’t feel worthy of what they ultimately want to achieve..  Whatever Sabo says is the issue – for example ‘self-worth’ – ask for that particular ego-state that controls the feelings of self-worth to come forward and talk. 

I would ask this new ego state whether it will work with me and Sabo to fulfill the needs of Sabo and ultimately the client.  It maybe that Sabo needs more than just the one ego state to fulfill its needs, so the process would need to be repeated until all agree to work together to achieve the required outcome.  If for some reason the ego states will not talk to each other, then a mediator might have to be called upon. 

It may be that it’s a big task and that it will need to be broken down into smaller steps.  So the process may need to be visited at each session in order for the next step to be achieved). 


Now as you are in this calm and deeply relaxed state, I want you to tell me what you cook as your favourite dish.  This is something you cook all the time, you could do it in your sleep but it is still something that you enjoy doing and eating.  When you think of it, please tell me . . .

That sounds delicious.  Now think of the ingredients that go into such a dish.  Let’s start with the meat. Now think of a part of you that you want to strengthen… it may be love, self-worth, resilience, motivation… you tell me what it would be . . . (wait for client’s response)..

Now think of the vegetables you like to go with it.  What part of you would you attribute to each vegetable?  For example: the potatoes would be . . . carrots would be . . . pumpkin would be . . . (continue until you have allocated a characteristic to each vegetable). 

Now think of the seasoning you use.  Add any other characteristics that you would like.  You may not be able to think of them individually – just know and trust that your subconscious mind will know what is best for you at this time.  Become curious now as to what motivates you, what you could do with more of in your life, what you desire to change.  Put them all together and sprinkle them into the meal.  You do not need to do this consciously, just allow your subconscious to put together the right ingredients… 

Now see yourself putting the dish together, gathering the ingredients and putting together the characteristics you want to add or change.  You have done this recipe so many times that this preparation is effortless and second nature.  You add a sprinkling of self-worth, motivation, inner-strength, wisdom, compassion and a lot of love.  You may have added a dash of vibrancy, understanding and competency.  Just trust that your subconscious mind has added all the necessary ingredients in this dish to make it perfect for you.

Imagine that the dish is cooked to perfection and you are sitting down to enjoy this meal.  Serve yourself the amount that you want.  See your plate filled with delicious food, smell the amazing aromas of what you have created.  Now see yourself take a bite of each thing.  Remember that each ingredient held a charge of love, compassion, wisdom, vibrancy, understanding, motivation, self-worth, inner-strength, competency and love.  Know that as you eat, the perfect amount of nourishing and quality food will give you what you need, each of these things and any others that your subconscious mind has added is being drawn down into your being and becoming a part of it.  They are all nurturing your body and soul.

So whenever you feel that you need a boost and could do with some love, self-worth, wisdom, motivation, understanding, compassion, vibrancy, inner-strength and anything else that your subconscious mind has added, set about making your favourite dish and partake of all its goodness. 

In a moment I am going to count down from 1 to 10.  On the count of 10, you will feel rejuvenated, fully present and eager to continue your day.  Know that you have all the resources that you require and that each day is better than the one before.

Wake Up