Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in the chair.  Take in a deep breath to release any stress that you have within your body and breath in peace and calmness.  Release this breath and feel the stress and tension in your body be released and fade away.  Take another deep breath in and once again feel peace and calmness entering your body and as you exhale, feel the stress and tension of the day leaving.

You are about to go on a journey through time and experience memories that your subconscious has stored.  These memories will be of benefit to you and will be selected by your higher self for you to reexperience today.  You don’t have to do anything, you just need to sit here and relax and let your mind go where it wants to go as you are guided back through time.  You may see things or feel things or just know they are happening.  Smells and sounds may be available to you, it doesn’t matter how these emotions, feelings and sensations come, they will be the right ones for you. 

So now, imagine a beautiful relaxing energy rolling from the top of your head down to your toes.  As it rolls down your body, your mind and body will both relax together.  This energy feels so calming, so relaxing and you allow yourself to just sit within it and then you can feel all the muscles within your body relaxing and your body becoming one with the chair.  Let it begin, first moving from the crown of the head down towards the eyes, you can feel them wanting to close and the muscles around the eyes becoming soft, then the energy rolls into the cheeks and jaw and the mouth may open slightly as the jaw relaxes and the teeth unclench.  The energy rolls into the shoulders and you feel them move away from the ears and the tension in them dissolve.  The energy moves down each arm, into the wrists and hands and to the fingertips.  Now, the energy continues into the chest and upper back, you may feel the need to take in a big breath and let out a sigh.  The relaxation continues and it can be felt moving into the abdomen and pelvis, the lower back and now the legs.  The legs feel like they are becoming one with the chair, the energy moves to the knees and the lower legs, ankles, feet and toes and it comes out the bottom of your feet. 

The energy now encircles the body in a safe, secure cocoon so that the body is able to relax and rejuvenate while the mind goes on an exploratory mission into another time and another place. 

Imagine that you are at a beach, standing at the top of a staircase.  You are looking over the sand and the waves are rolling in.  It’s a calm day and warm but not too hot.  The sounds help you to relax and you can smell the sea, the freshness and the salt and you just know this is the place you want to be today.  See the shells lying on the sand below and notice the rocks that are forming little pools that you would love to explore.  As you look along the beach, you notice a beautiful, sheltered spot where you can put your towel down to lay on.  It provides some shade and privacy for you and there is a rock there you can lean on if you want to sit up and watch the waves rolling in.

You decide to start walking down the stairs to go to the sheltered spot.  As you walk down the stairs you will become more and more relaxed, ten times as relaxed as you are now and you will move from a state of consciousness to subconsiousness, the further and further you go down the stairs.  That part that is the subconscious will understand that the brainwaves now will decrease to 5 Hertz or 5 cycles per second and they will do this as you descend the stairs into deeper consciousness. 

15, 14, 13…. deeper and deeper now, more and more relaxed, 12, 11…. deep, calm and peaceful, 10, 9…. deeper, more relaxed, 8,7,6…. more and more relaxed, deeper into consciousness, 5, 4…. deeper and deeper, 3, 2 …. nearly there now, 1 at the bottom of the stairs. Now you are in the realm of the subconscious and your subconscious is still listening to me, while your conscious mind can be wherever it wants.  

Walk along the beach now and look at the shells, you may put your toes in the water and walk in the shallows.  The water is warm and comforting.  You find the spot that you could see from the top of the stairs and you put your towel down and lean up against the smoothness of the rock.  As you do, the warmth from the rock permeates your body and you drift off into a beautiful dream.  You dream of a place where you feel peaceful and happy and secure.  It may be your garden or your home or a magical place.  See it in your mind, hear the sounds, smell the scents from this place and know that you have arrived at a beautiful state of inner peace.  This is your place and you can come back here at any time that you feel you would like too.  When you are there, just nod your head.

Now, as you walk further into and around this beautiful place, you see a magical raft waiting for you.  This raft can fly or float and move in any direction and its here to take you to another dimension in place and time.  On your raft is your spiritual guide who is going to come with you. You may not have met this guide before but as with all guides, they have your best interests at heart and will take you where you need to go.  Know that as you float or fly on this raft, you will be able to communicate clearly and easily with me and as you speak you will be taken deeper and deeper into a state of consciousness.

Hop on board the raft, say hello to your guide.  You may hug them or feel wrapped in their wings if they are an angel.  Ask your guide to come with you back to a time in your childhood when you had a happy time.  You may experience yourself smiling or laughing and you might be alone or there may be others there with you.  It doesn’t matter which, what will be, will be.  As I count from 3 down to 1 go back to that time and say “here” when you arrive.  3, 2, 1 – be there now. 

Good, can you feel that you can see your feet?

Are you wearing anything on your feet?  What are they?

Can you get a sense of how old you are?

Do you know where you are?

Are there others with you?  Do you know them?

Tell me what is happening?

That sounds like such a beautiful and happy time in your life.  Let’s take that sense of happiness with you as you hop back on your magical raft with your guide.  This time we are going back to when you are in your Mother’s womb.  On the count of 3 to 1 you will be there within the womb. Say “here” when you are in the womb. 3, 2, 1…. be there now. 

Can you feel yourself within her?

Is it warm?

Is it light or dark? Can you see any colours?

Can you move or is it cramped?

Do you get a sense of how far along in the pregnancy it is?

Are you alone in the womb?

Can you hear anything outside of the womb?

Can you feel anything, any feelings or emotions?

Are you able to get a sense of how your Mother is feeling right now?  What does she feel in relation to this pregnancy?

How do you feel about coming into this life? Have you been with your parents before at a soul level or in a past life?

Do you have a sense of your purpose in this life?

Is there anything else of significance that you want to relate while you are in the womb? 

Now let go of that memory, you will be able to remember everything when you awake.  Climb back aboard your magic raft with your guide.  We are going to travel back to another time, another place, another lifetime, into the place where time is no longer linear, to an experience which will be of value to you in this lifetime.  Trust your higher self and your inner wisdom and your guide to take you to a life that can bring you wisdom, healing, insight, growth and learning in this current life. 

I’m going to count from 3 to 1 and you will be in this other life, experiencing it.  If at any time you feel the need to, you can go to your safe, happy place or watch from a distance. 3 … deeper and deeper… 2… even deeper now… 1… you are there.  Get a sense of the feelings you are having and what is around you.

Now look down at your feet, are you wearing anything on them?  If so, what are you wearing?

Do you have clothes on?  Can you feel the clothes, are they soft or rough?  Do you feel they are clothes for a man or a woman?  Are you male or female? What do they look like?

What age do you think you are?

If someone was to call your name, what name would they use?

Tell me about your surroundings – are you inside or outside?

Describe your surroundings to me?

If you were to think of a world map, where do think you might be?

What time in history is this?  Tell me the first number that comes into your head as I ask you, what year is it?

What is happening around you, are you alone, what is the situation you are in? Just know that you cannot be harmed by anything that is happening, you are safe and well in the office with me, so just let the events around you play out and describe what is happening.

If you look into the eyes of a significant person that is with you, do you recognise them as someone from your current life?

Let’s go now to another significant event within this lifetime, tell me what is happening? 

Now, on the count of 3 to 1, let’s go to the last day of the life you are experiencing. 3… 2… 1… be there now!

Describe where you are?

How old are you?

Is anyone with you or are you alone?

Do you know what is happening around you? Do you know what you die from?

How do you feel?

What did you achieve in this lifetime?

How do you feel as the person you were?

What did you learn from this lifetime?

Do you have any special talents, gifts or abilities in this lifetime? Would you like to package them up and bring them back with you so that you can utilise them in your current lifetime? 

Are you ready to let go of your body?

As you move away, where are you in relation to your body?

Are you floating or being pulled away?  Are you still looking at where you have come from or are you looking where you are going?

What can you see or feel?  Do you know where you are going to? Can you see anyone or anything waiting for you?  Do you know who they are? 

Soon we will return to the current time and place, bringing with you any gifts and talents that you have brought from this life.  Let go of anything that you don’t need, any negativity, past hurts or pain.  As you move away from this experience you will leave behind any negative experiences or feelings and be more open to growth for your higher self, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, with a greater sense of purpose and love. 

Let’s return to the magic raft and your guide and come back to your beautiful safe place where you and your guide can process what has occurred through this experience in your current life, the womb and your past life. When you return, you will be able to remember the experience, your learnings and any relevant growth and insight you have gained.  You will gain further clarity, growth and insight from the experience as you integrate it into your current life over time and as it aligns with your authentic, higher self.

Allow time for the higher self and guide to process. 

As you return to your current life, you do so full of love for yourself and the learnings you have gained.  You know you feel more confident within yourself and are glad that you have learnt so much and been able to experience your divine self.  You will be able to let go of any negative beliefs and emotions that you felt today and move forward feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled. 

Now on the count of 1 to 10, you will awake feeling refreshed, revitalised and fully alert in the room.  One, the feeling returns to your toes and feet, two moving up your lower legs, three to your thighs and pelvis, four, to your abdomen and back, five to your chest, 6, shoulders, 7, down your arms to your fingers, 8, feeling your heart rate, blood pressure and respirations returning to your normal state, 9 your jaw and head have feeling return and 10, eyes open and feeling alert, refreshed and revitalised.

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