By Yi Dong

Induction & Deepening of choice


It is a quiet summer night. You decided to go out for a walk by yourself. You see a group of fireflies flying around you and they light up a path for you. It seems they are trying to guide you somewhere… You follow the path and it leads you into a magical little garden. It is just after the rain. The air is fresh. The moonlight splashing down its watery white-sliver glow onto the garden… bathing it, illuminating everything… Everything looks so bright and lively. Leaves are green because the rain washed off the dirt from them.  The flowers look even more colourful than the day time. They are red, yellow, blue, purple… some of the colours you have never seen before… These flowers are in different shapes and emitting great scents… combined with the smell of the fresh earth after the rain… it is just so relaxing and so peaceful… Take a deep breath, take in all these divine gifts that nature created for you, just for you to relax. You hear the crickets singing along with little birds chirping… these just make you feel 10 times safer, 10 times more relaxed and you go 10 times deeper… You know this is a place you can always come back to whenever you need. You feel the deep and strong connection with this magical little garden. It is (insert client’s name) garden. It is safe, peaceful and calm…


The moonlight emitting warm and soothing energy, nurtures you, supports you, loves you… You look up to see the velvet black night sky speckled with millions of stars shining like diamonds… under the milky way, there is a giant rainbow bridge. You are so surprised and excited. You have never seen a rainbow under the night sky. This is where the impossible becomes possible… You walk closer to the rainbow bridge trying to find the end of it. You walk through a bunch of soft short bushes and the rainbow bridge is just hiding behind it. You decide to step onto the rainbow… (insert regression here, if no regression proceed to ‘future’ section)…



As you walk along the rainbow bridge, you will find a flagpole with a harness attached to the base of the pole. Put the harness on your wrist. This harness will allow you to explore freely but keep you safe, and you will be able to return to the flagpole when you wish.  Float up now and pay attention to the flag, notice if there are any symbols on the flag? What is the shape of it? What is the colour of it? What feelings does it bring up in you? (ask the client to describe it to you if appropriate)… As you look back from your flagpole, you will see a series of stars along the rainbow. These stars indicate situations or events in your life.


Go back to the first star. You will find yourself in a recent event. Allow yourself to sink into the event for a moment… What is happening? How do you feel? Why are you feeling this way? You are doing very well… Now, look further back, way, way, back. As you float past many stars, you will notice a special star… It is the first star that shines so much brighter than all others and catches your eye. Stop here for a moment, look at this event, feel it, experience it…

Look down at your feet, how old are you? Are you wearing shoes? What type of shoes are they? What is happening? How do you feel? Why are you feeling this way? … You are doing great… Now, I want you to invite adult (insert client’s name) here. Adult (insert client’s name) is so wise, strong and confident. She/he tells little (insert client’s name) that it is ok to feel this way at this time. Because you are so young and you don’t know what to do and how to respond. So you use this (fear, anger, negative emotions) to protect yourself. In fact, for so many years, you have been using the same strategy to protect yourself to avoid being hurt or feel (unvalued, unloved…) Tell little (insert client’s name) that you understand why she/he has been doing this and how hard she/he has been trying to protect you. Tell her/him how much you love her/him and how grateful you are. But she/he can stop doing it now because you are here… Over the years you have accomplished so much and learnt so much. You are confident and powerful. You have all the tools and techniques that are required to deal with that fear and no longer require those thoughts, feelings, and reactions for protection… (insert ‘Current Life’ section, if time allows and appropriate)… Now, say thank you and hug little (insert client’s name). Say bye to little (insert client’s name) and return to the flagpole.

Current Life

Hold the little (insert client’s name) hand and invite him/her to your current life where you feel joy, happiness (insert appropriate positive feelings)… Let little (insert client’s name) experience it, embrace it. See the smile on his/her face… stay here for a little moment… Now, take little (insert client’s name) back to his/her time. Tell little (insert client’s name) that adult (insert client’s name) has all the tools and powers to protect him/her. He/she will always be there for him/her. All those thoughts, feelings, and reactions associated with that event are no longer required for protection. They will only remain back there as a memory. A memory that reminds (insert client’s name) that he/she has learnt so much through it and grown so much stronger and more powerful. Now, say thank you and hug the little (insert client’s name). Say bye to little (insert client’s name) and return to the flagpole. 



Before you float further, please put a flag here so you know that this is where you started. Pay attention to the flag, notice if there are any symbols on it… What is the shape of it? What is the colour of it? What feeling does it bring up for you? Now, look forward… Along the rainbow bridge, there are many beautiful shining stars. They might be different shapes, sizes or colours… These are the stars indicating various situations or events in your future… amongst them, there is one star that looks special. It is much brighter and much prettier.  Although all other stars are already breathtakingly beautiful, this one just caught your attention. You are excited to float toward it…. Now you are here… It is an event in the near future when you experience (what the client would like to achieve, e.g. joy, success, happiness). Now, allow the star to envelop you in its glowing light, let the healing, warm, magical starlight deliver (insert relevant resources) to you, allow them to merge with you… Notice how you feel… (ask the client to describe it to you). Great, take a moment to just completely immerse yourself in the scene… feel it, experience it….


Good…  now take a photo of the scene with your camera. See the photo print outs that vividly record the entire scene. The moment makes you feel (joy, success, happiness… repeat the scene with enhanced feelings). Now, carefully put the photo in your pocket and zip it up. Look at all these stars along the rainbow bridge and notice how they are rearranging themselves. Now, float back to the beginning of the rainbow where you put the flag… Good…I want you to look at the flag again. Is there a symbol?  Has it changed? Observe it for a moment… What shape is it? What colour is it? What feelings does it bring up for you?


Great… now make your way back to your magical garden. From here, look at your rainbow bridge… Notice all the stars on it are even shinier and brighter. They are showing you a very clear, strong, powerful path to your goal. Now you feel nothing but empowered, excited, confident and ready for the day. In fact, every day after today you feel more (insert relevant resources) and closer to your goal. You know you are going to be successful and enjoy the life you have…


Wake Up