By Sheridan Sandow

Close your eyes. Imagine a wave of light starting at your feet. It can be any colour you like. It’s soft and glowing. It washes over the feet and slowly up the shins. As it moves it sweeps away all tension and tightness. The light washes up and over the knees. Up the thighs. You feel more and more relaxed, looser and lighter. The wave keeps sweeping up over the pelvis and abdomen. Letting go of all tension and tightness. Lighter and lighter… The soft glowing light moves up over the chest. More relaxed… More light… Now the light sweeps down the arms. First the right arm, then the left arm. You are so loose and light, as if you could just float off the bed. The light now sweeps up the shoulders and neck. Releasing all tension and tightness. So relaxed… So light… It travels up and over the face, loosening each muscle. The jaw… The mouth… The eyes… Now over the forehead and over the scalp. You are so light. You feel as if you are floating. Floating just above the bed. Knowing it is still there to support you. Now as I count backwards from ten to one you will float back down to the bed. Completely free of any tension and tightness. You will be so relaxed. More relaxed than you have ever felt before. 10….. 9….. more relaxed…. 8…. floating down…. 7…… 6….. deeper and deeper 5….. 4….. 3….. so relaxed…… 2…… deeper now 1…. Completely relaxed and peaceful. Completely supported. Completely comfortable…

Now imagine you are standing in a castle. You are in the tower of the castle looking out to the surrounds. The castle is surrounded by forest. It is a beautiful sight. All different trees and plants. Many different colours. Many different sizes. There is soft sunlight shining down on the castle and surrounds. The air is cool but comfortable. You turn around and see a heavy wooden door behind you. You walk towards it. Grasp the handle on the door and push it open. There is a grey stone spiral staircase. There are many soft glowing lights lighting the way. You walk through the doorway and begin walking down the stairs. Going down one step at a time. The descent is gradual and easy. You have solid footing as you take each step. Going down further and further. Deeper and deeper down. Until you reach the bottom of the stairs.

When you have reached the bottom of the stairs you see many doors before you. Walk towards the door you feel most drawn to. Notice the appearance of the door. The colour… The shape… The size… Take hold of the door handle and open the door. Inside it is a library. Each wall is covered in book shelves stacked with books. The walls reach up at least two storeys high. Many books of varying sizes and colours… You step inside the library. It is warm and cosy inside. You feel completely at ease. There is a well-worn rug covering the floor. There are reading chairs throughout the room. And ladders reaching up to the many shelves of books. You approach one of the book shelves and take a book from the shelf. Notice how it feels… The weight of it… The texture and feel of it in your hands… You open the book to the cover page and see your name printed as the author of the book. As you flick through the book you realise it is one of your favourite memories. All the feelings, thoughts, and emotions associated with the memory come back to you. It is pleasant and you smile as you get to experience it again. You close the book and reach for another. It is the same again. Each book you flick through is part of your experience. Everything you have felt. Everything you have learned in your life. And everything you have experienced. You feel comforted by the knowledge that this library is yours. Each book is a part of you.

As you continue to make your way around the room you notice a stack of books on a desk in the middle of the room. You pick up the book on top. It contains an experience of anxiety that you have currently been feeling. The next contains the worry that you have also been feeling. Each book on the desk contains something you are currently feeling. You take the first book of anxiety, close it, and place it on the nearest shelf. You instantly feel it fade away from your mind. You take the next book of worry, close it and place it on another shelf. It too also fades away. You continue to take each book, close them and place them on the shelves. Until you are free of any of the thoughts and feelings that are not serving you anymore. Now you turn to find the books of things you do want to experience. You take each one from the shelf and place it on the desk. One book contains confidence. Another book contains peace. Other books contain your future dreams and goals. You place each of them on the desk. As you do, you experience each one… You feel each one… They become part of your mindset. Continue to find all the books you need and place them on the desk. When you are finished make your way to the door. Take a last look around. Know that this is your place. You can access it anytime you like. Everything you need is already in it. You simply need to decide which stories you want to put back on the shelves and which you want to take with you. You open the door and walk out feeling confident and peaceful, free of the things that have been concerning you. You have the resources to do anything you choose. You have the resources to handle anything that comes your way. Take a moment to absorb that knowing…….


Wake Up