Now you are walking along a beach which has some rocks at one end.  As you get closer and closer to the rocks, you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed, more in tune with the inner most part of you, more in touch with your highest self.  You know these rocks, you have been here many times before, sometimes you have viewed them from the top of the cliff and sometimes you have walked to them, from around the cliff, but here you are now back near the rocks with such an open mind and sense of peace and healing. 

As you walk onto the rocks, you realise they are covered with a soft squidgy cover that stops your feet from being hurt on the rock surface below and cushions your feet.  You walk out onto the rocks and see little rock pools.  In some of the pools are little fish darting around and between the rocks and shells in the pool.  In some of the pools you see crabs scuttling from under one rock to the next.  You keep walking on, watching the waves recede from the edge of the rock bank and hearing some birds screeching overhead and you see your favourite part of the rock bank, its where the beautiful big rock pool is, the one that is about waist deep.  You know that as the water has been out so long and the day is warm, the water in the rock pool will be warm as well, so you carefully climb into the rock pool and feel the warmth of the water and see how clear the water is.  You can see everything around the edges and the rocks going down to the sandy bottom.  It’s so lovely and warm, so relaxing and perfect. 

You then notice another person in the rock pool, a little girl of about four years of age.  When you look closely, you realise that this little girl is you and the two of you have such a knowing about each other.  You know each other’s feeling, thoughts and experiences.  You feel the love for each other as it passes from your eyes to hers and you move towards her and you take her hands in yours.

The little girl tells you how much she loves and respects you, how grateful she was for you coming back to help her with your love, wisdom and compassion, giving her self-worth, and empowerment, a place to feel secure and to belong and giving her the confidence to achieve and be successful in her life. 

You tell the little girl, the little you, how much you love her, how happy you have been that she has been part of your life all these years.  That she is perfect the way she is and that you love the person she has become and will continue to be loved, worthy, secure and confident with her in your life, knowing that you can now achieve all that you want and will be successful moving forward. 

Now you hug each other goodbye, feeling the love for each other once again passing through you.  You know that each other is there for you whenever it is needed.  You move away from her and suddenly you notice that you are alone again in the rock pool, in the warm water, surrounded but the sounds of the sea and the birds overhead. 

You feel the confidence and love the four-year old you had for you.  You know that feeling is now with you to move forward.  You feel as if you have found your place in life to belong and feel secure and you know that it’s okay to love yourself and give this love out to others in the world and you are now in control and feeling happy and peaceful. 

You leave the rock pool full of vibrant health and energy, eager to get on with life and experience every moment in a positive, calm and controlled way.  You know you have a future that is full of wonderful moments where you can show your love and worth to yourself and others and feel the sense of belonging that comes with this, the sense of confidence that flows out of you. 

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10 and you will be fully alert and fully awake, knowing you now have new awareness of who you are and how you can move through this world in a positive and calm way.  Knowing that every day in every way, things will get better and better.  As you sleep tonight, this new knowledge and positivity will become a part of you, so that when you wake tomorrow, you will feel the happiness and confidence within you and know you can achieve whatever you set your mind too.  Every day in every way, it gets better and better.