Okay. Just allow yourself to get nice and comfortable over the next couple of moments. Slowly beginning to close down your eyes when you’re ready and beginning to deepen your breaths. When you’re nice and comfortable lets take some nice, deep, slow inhales… and exhales… good. Again inhale… and exhale… Very good. 

Just remembering you are totally safe in this space. You are held. And it is completely okay for you to relax here and allow yourself to be absorbed by the peaceful energy you are feeling.

We are about to embark on a journey together. One in which I will be with you the whole way. On this journey, you are going in with the intention of discovering more about yourself. You will be exploring parts of yourself that require attention in this time and that have some gifts or wisdom for you to take forward.
Know that you are the powerful co-creator of this moment, and you have the ability, at any point to end the journey or communicate with me what it is you need. So allow yourself to let go and surrender to the experience.
Remember inside you, there is a deep knowing. A wise knowing. An energy that has always been with you that we will be working with today. And this energy is going to take us to exactly where you need to be at this time. Trust, now, in this part of you, and in this experience. And when you’re ready, take a nice long deep breath in… and out… Good. Okay, now, lets begin our journey to another time, another place…  here we go… 

Keep taking those nice, slow, deep breaths. With every inhale finding more comfort and relaxation in your body, and with every exhale releasing tension in your body. Beautiful. Inhaling more peace, more calm and exhaling any stagnation, density. Good. Keep going like that creating a deeper sense of lightness in the body, ready to receive. 

As you continue your breathing here, notice how your mind begins to loosen as the tension in your body slowly dissipates. Notice how calm and relaxed you are feeling in this knowing that you are slowly surrendering more and more to this peacefulness. 

As we get closer to complete theta state, a state of complete relaxation and receptivity, we will be going back in time to delve deeper into your past experiences in order to gain clarity, wisdom and insight for your present time. We will first journey to a pleasant childhood memory you hold from this lifetime, then all the way back to the womb and then back even further to another lifetime, where will be gaining that insight relevant for you to explore. 

Continue your slow breathing here. Good.

Becoming aware now of your body. Feeling how relaxed the muscles in the face now feel. Each time you exhale, feeling the tension in your head slip away. 

Feeling now your shoulders. Inhaling to breathe space into them as you exhale allowing your arms dissolve. 

Feeling deeply your chest rise and fall now, allowing your breath to pull away tightness or pressure. Feeling the chest nice and soft here, so relaxed, so calm. 

Notice the abdomen softens, as you breath fills and coats your belly. 

Beautiful, calming breath travelling down to your hips and thighs. Softening the bones and muscles. Dissolving into the Earth. Good. 

Letting go of all physical sensation in your knees, shins and ankles. Feeling the soles of your feel expel with each exhale the last remaining tension gathered in your body.

Notice how you feel.

The lightness.

The almost floating.

To feel free of the density of the physical body. Allow yourself to fall into that feeling. Going deeper and deeper into surrender. Very good. 

Now. Staying here in relaxed awareness, imagine floating above you, is a mist of beautiful light. This light feels calming, soothing, familiar. Notice what colour it is and how it feels in your being. Notice how you just know what this light is. There is no thought. Good.

This light brings with it the ability t help you feel safer and go deeper. This light is here to fill you with Divine love and protection. 

In a moment, I’m going to count from 10 to 1, and as I do I want you to imagine this misty light begin to descend upon you. Slowly merging with your energy and your body, transmitting those feelings of peace and Divinity. It will also assist in lowering the brainwave frequency to allow you to fully access the spiritual plane without interference, and if there is, it will only be a mechanism to help you go deeper. 

Okay, feeling the light slowly, gently begin to dissolve into for 10… 9… 8… feeling it melt onto your skin, 7… 6… filling the legs and arms… 5… 4 into the abdomen and chest… 3…2… filling the head and 1… dissolving into you all the way into the back body. Good.

So relaxed. 

Now that you are ready. Go ahead and land in your private place. Your safe space. This is a space you are most comfortable in. Notice the surrounds and atmosphere. Notice how warm and nurturing it feels. Notice the colours and smells. You can return to this space whenever you need. It is always here for you. Take a moment to absorb you special sanctuary. Good.

Notice now, there is a structure. A building.

This building is the library of all of your past life knowledge and experiences. This is a sacred, special place. And today it is open for you to step inside and retrieve what is meant for you. Notice how it looks and feels. See it shining bright with ever glowing and knowing light. 

Go ahead and walk up the stairs towards the entrance of your sacred library.
When you reach the door, notice any symbols or scripture first, and then walk in. Good. 

Inside you find there are many book shelves and corridors. So majestic.

Notice at the very centre there is someone sitting at an old wooden desk. They feel familiar and warm to you. They are the caretaker of this library and they are happy to see you. 

They gaze up you with a welcoming and kind expression on their face and know why you are here. They point you in the direction of where you need to go.

So you begin walking down the corridor where there is a book waiting for you. This is a special book, and it hold the experiences of your current life. It will take us to where we need to be today. 

Open the book to a pleasant moment in your childhood when you were perhaps 4 or 5 or 6 years old. In a moment I’m going to count from 7 to 1, where you will begin to notice yourself become immersed in that very happy childhood memory, taking you straight there.
7…6…5 going back… 4… 3… an early, happy childhood memory, 2… 1… there now. 

Allow the sensations to come. The images to become more vivid. Take in this world. Notice what is happening around you. It might be a special occasion or event. You may feel and know exactly what is happening here. Trust. I’m going to ask you to communicate in a moment, and as I do you will notice how easy it is for you to respond and speak of your experience, and in fact the sound of your own voice will allow you to surrender even deeper into that experience.

Okay. Tell me: 

  • What do you see?
  • What is happening?
  • How old do you feel?
  • What is your name?
  • Where are you / living?
  • Are there others around you?
  • What are you wearing?
  • Does this feel familiar?
  • Describe your surroundings and what is happening?
  • How are you feeling? 

*Anchor in positive emotions and affirmations before completing this part of the journey and moving on*

So good. Just before you move on, lets check in to see fi there is anything else that is meant for you here that is important for you to remember about this time. Okay… great. When you’re ready to move on, let me know. You’re doing so well. 

Great. Bringing forward and with you now those feelings of *** and lets continue this journey through your special book. 

Feel yourself flick back further into the pages, going back to a moment just before your birth. That very special, sacred moment of being in the womb. Preparing to come into this world. It may feel mor sensory here, more heightened.

7…6… relaxing, surrendering deeper… 5… going back now… 4… 3… back to the womb… 2… 1 be there now. 

Allow. Surrender. Feel. Notice the sensations.

Tell me: 

  • Is it light or dark?
  • Are you aware of any colours?
  • Does it feel cramped or do you have much room? (adjust if cramped)
  • Notice if you are aware and able to connect to your mother here. What is she feeling?
  • Can you connect with her?
  • Does it feel easy?
  • Try and reassure her.
  • How do you feel about coming into this world?
  • Are you excited? Are you ready?
  • And why is it that you are coming?
  • Is there something you need to tell your mother in this moment before you go? 

Wonderful. You’re doing great. In a moment you’re going to feel yourself come back to the library holding the book again. And we’re going to move on to another one. You will slowly begin to return to the scared library where will we ushered to another corridor and book that will take us to another dimension and plane. Going further to a place of non linear time. A place more abstract. 

Okay. Feel yourself back in the library now. Notice if it has changed.

Place the book back where you found it gently.

You see the library keeper at a distance again, and they point you in the direction up the stairs. To a whole other level of the library where you will recover the books of different memories, gifts and wisdom.

You walk up the stairs and notice the colours are perhaps changing and your experience is becoming more immersive.

 As you walk up the stairs, you know you are so safe. So welcome and familiar here. You are beings guided by the support of your Higher Self, Divine beings and sacred keepers of knowledge. This support is here to help you access, with complete clarity and assurance the experiences of the past which are here to serve your current one.

As you reach the top of the stairs you notice there is, again, another book waiting for you.

Walk over towards it.

This is the book containing the exact past-life information and vision we are here to access. 

Notice what is on the cover of this book. What does it look like? Is it old or new? Does it have any scriptures or words or numbers. Just notice. 

Counting down now as you open the book and begin to find yourself submerging in this past lifetime. 7… 6… going back now… 5… back in time… 4… 3… safe and in control… 2… 1… there now. 

Letting the images and sensations come naturally. Easefully. Good. Letting it unfold. And when you’re ready. Taking a look down at your feet. 

Tell me:

  • Are you wearing shoes?
  • What is it that you have on your feet?
  • What kind of clothing have you got on?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Is it loose fitting or tight?
  • Do they seem to be clothes of a male of female?
  • Do you feel yourself to be of a particular gender?
  • Look down at your hands, what is the colour of your skin?
  • Are you inside or out?
  • Describe your surroundings.
  • Become aware of the place. You may know exactly where it is. If you were to point it on the map of the world, where would you be?
  • What time period are you in?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your name? what do people call you?
  • Is there anyone around you or are you alone?
  • What is happening, describe it to me.
  • How are you feeling? 

*** IF NEEDED: Great! We’re going to a little deeper into this life now that we have established a connection to it. We’re going to locate an exact moment in this lifetime that is of significance to you right now. Going in 3…2…1 *click* there now…

*Repeat questions. 

I’ll give you some time now to explore this life and get you to relay what you need and what is happening that feel important. Please relay any insights and awareness that comes to you from here.

*Anchor in any positive feelings/experiences*

Okay, we are not going to go to the very last day of that life to explore how it ended.
Going there now, flicking back for 3…2…1… be there now!

  • How old are you?
  • What is happening to indicate it is the lats day of your life?
  • Where are you?
  • What is happening?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Is there anyone else with you?
  • ETC.
  • As you reflect on this life you have lived what else can you tell me?
  • What was the general feeling you carried?
  • How did you feel as the person you were?
  • What lessons did you gain?
    what were your greatest achievements and accomplishments?
  • What were you especially good at?
  • What were your gifts and talents?

If you wish, you may skip to a memory within this life where you were exercising these special gifts and talents. And once you’re there, you can absorb those positive feelings of success and happiness and bring them forward with you.

*Insert healing if needed and anchoring*

Okay. Are you ready not to let go of that life and body? Great. Beginning now to let go of that body, leaving behind any density, residue that you no longer need. Allow the Soul to leave also whole and complete, safely releasing any trauma or negative beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. As you continue in your transition, tell me:

  • Have you left the body?
  • Where are you now in relation to it?
  • Are you still in the space?
  • Are you moving / away?
  • Are you moving forward looking up or down
  • Is it fast or slow?
  • Do you have any sensation of drifting or being pulled?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Can you see the earth now beneath you?
  • Are you aware of anyone coming to greet you?

*Insert any other relevant LBL questions*

Beautiful. In a moment we’re slowly going to begin to leave this lifetime and return to the library and as we do you’re going to be bringing with you all the wonderful feelings and gifts you have remembered from this lifetime that serve you in the highest good. You will come back free of anything you no longer need and able to tap into this moment with full clarity at any given time. Any other insights or awareness that you require will enter through effortlessly in your dreams, meditations and contemplations, filling you with wisdom and integrating easefully into your current life. These experiences and knowing’s will be here to assist you in gaining greater purpose and direction your life and help you align more and more each day to your most authentic self. 

All of the trauma and negativity you have just released associated with this previous life will help to clear the way for you to transform and heal. You will be able to trust and love more, knowing that there is more and more of you on board now. And you are feeling the whole of you slowly come back together. 

Okay. Feeling yourself slowly coming back to the library now.

Feel yourself standing in the corridor on top of the stairs.

Place the book back gently and beginning to walk back down the stairs towards the keeper of the library once more. 

They look at you with such fondness. So proud of you and all that you have achieved today.

They have something for you.

A gift.

It is an emblem to represent your journey today and all that you have accomplished.

They place it in your hand with a gentle smile.

Notice it. What does it fee and look like? This emblem holds the energy of divinity, creation, resilience, evolution and transformation. All that you have done in your journey here today.

You smile back and begin to make your way to the door of the library, feeling accomplished and confident.

You make your way down the stairs of the sacred library and back to the landscape of your special, private place. notice how you feel now, compared to when you first entered here.

You know that experience you have had today will assist you so much in your growth and healing in this life. That you are able, with the power of intention and choice to transcend negative belief and emotions to help you move towards growth and health.

Feel yourself more whole, more alive, more confident and more clear. And know that this feeling is you. The real you. The truest you.
Know that this wisdom is always here for you, inside you and with you.

Take a moment to absorb.

And with that begin to call your consciousness back into your body with ease.

Ina moment I am going to count up from 1 to 10 and as I do you will begin to return to the space here with me in the present moment. Feeling alive and rejuvenated. Ready for life.


1…2…3 slowly returning… 4… bloody and circulation returning to the feet and legs… 5… to the abdomen and chest… 6 to the arms and hands… 7 breathing returning to normal… 8 getting ready to move around and open the eyes… 9… 10 fully alert and awake back in the room.