Go ahead and close your eyes and just allow yourself to settle into your space here today… the journey you are about to embark on is a really special opportunity for you to explore your soul’s journey throughout its lifetimes. Your soul does not experience time the way that we do, time is non-linear in the place that your soul exists, the ether. Our lives often need us to be operating constantly…this requires a lot of effort from our physical body. I want you to know that today you can just ‘be…’ this is a special time for you to allow yourself to let go, and gain some insight into the lives your soul has lived here in the physical, 3D world. We are going to access other dimensions of your existence today, its ok if you don’t know what that fully means, because you will experience it today. The more you allow yourself to just exist here in the now, the more you will experience today. So just allowing yourself to let go now as we begin your journey into other times and other places… there may be opportunities to learn, to grow…even heal, and transform the current ideas you might have about your existence here in this lifetime.

Take a nice comfortable slow breath in – hold it for 1, 2, 3– let it go… feeling yourself sink down into the chair. As you breathe out imagine breathing away any tensions or any stress that you may be experiencing. And when you breath in you breath in love, protection, tranquillity (Repeat 2 or 3 times)…that’s good, tension releasing becoming really comfortable, feeling your body and mind start to unwind…

And as you focus your mind on the sound of my voice, I would like you to relax all the muscles in your body, and if you notice any tension anywhere in your body, just let it go… let it go completely, and relax even deeper. You might like to imagine that if you are switching off each muscle as you scan your body. Just focusing on them, then mentally switching them off to release any tension. You might like to imagine a scanning light passing all the way up your body, starting from your toes and feet, imagine scanning for tension and relaxing the muscles as it moves upwards… through your legs, thighs… stomach… chest…neck… relaxing your back… scanning over all of those muscles, all the way up to your head, relaxing the face, the jaw, resting your tongue comfortably… relaxing each and every muscle, just feel and experience heaviness in the eyelids now… a heavy but comfortable feeling that begins to weigh the lids down… listening to the sound of my voice and concentrating on that heavy, comfortable feeling in and around your eyes… Any sounds from the outside world will only relax you further… any intrusive thoughts you might have just allow them to wash over you and pass as they do… And as those eyes become heavier and more relaxed, if you try to open them now they will flutter and it will be very difficult, try to open them a little and see how difficult it is…good… you are doing just fine…

you might see this clearly or you might just be sensing this is happening… You might have your favourite blanket cover, your perfect pillow…this might be your current room, a room you previously had, or it might be a completely new place that you have just thought of now. Whichever it is is perfect for you. You are very comfortable in this space. And if you listen you can hear a gentle rain outside… the sound of this rain only relaxes you further… You feel good knowing that you have nothing to do other than focus on the now… on this moment. Safe, warm and comfortable in your bed, listening to the rain. 

And now I want you to walk over to the window, or just have a look at the window if you feel more comfortable doing that… notice the rain drops on the window…and pay close attention to one particular drop that stands out for you… notice the shape… and how beautiful something so small and simple can be, something we might ignore on any other given day. In a moment I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 and when I start you will notice the drop of water start to move very, very slowly down the window, and as it does you will go deeper into relaxation, the brain waves will drop further so that we can make it to the next level of consciousness we need today…10 very slowly, so slowly… 9 feeling yourself sinking further into the bed beneath you… 8 relaxing further… 7 entering an even deeper level of hypnosis…that’s it… 6 deeper and deeper…5 keeping your eyes on the raindrop as it drifts slowly down the window…4 feeling safe, warm, comfortable 3 very ready for what’s to come 2 and 1…  completely relaxed.

Really good… and now I want you to imagine that in front of you on a shelf is an hourglass. It might be made of glass and wood or it can be made of whatever materials you like… Inside the hour glass there are tiny grains of golden sand. These are so small that many humans would find it difficult to notice each grain of sand, until the hour glass is turned upside down and the sand trickles down into the bottom component… but here in hypnosis, your vision is crystal clear. You can see everything in minuscule details…or if you chose to you can see it from a distance like you are an observer – maybe you are watching yourself as you watch the hourglass, any way is perfect for you.

The top component of the hourglass takes exactly 3 minutes of real time to empty…but in hypnosis, we can alter our concept of time… we can make time stretch out to eternity or go by in the blink of an eye…I don’t know if your time is going to be longer or shorter than 3 minutes, because this is your hypnosis and no-one else’s. What I do know is that when these 3 minutes are up, you will feel even more comfortable, even more relaxed and even more detached than you have ever felt before.

So imagine flipping the hourglass now so that the top component has all the sand… and watch, or just experience this in your inner mind, as the sand slowly trickles, a few grains at a time… slowly and effortlessly, down, down. The sun is now shining through the window and sends its reflection onto the hourglass – making the glass sparkle and shine…Your breathing is comfortable – just like waves – flowing gently in, and out, back and forth, breathing so calmly, and so easily. While this breathing is happening the sand is still trickling down, a second has gone by, two seconds, three seconds (draw out longer than an actual second)… The sand continues to trickle, down and down, as the seconds tick by, and you can double your relaxation with each and every breath that you take, as you enjoy this perfect safe place. You can return here at any point on your journey today if you need to…

The last few grains of sand are going down, and down, and down, as the top compartment of the hourglass begins to empty, and as the last few grains of sand empty out I’m going to count down from 10 to 1, and as I count down you will travel deeper and relax further into where you need to be… you will be travelling to a place of great exploration… a place that contains all the knowledge of your soul’s information… you have the ability to access this information.

10 you are travelling further and further down with the sand… 9 travelling deeper…8 you feel more comfortable and so much more optimistic than you have felt in a long time… 7 drifting down further with each grain of sand…6 brain waves have fully reduced to the level that is needed… 5 the top of the hourglass is now almost empty, your mind is empty of any concerns and is excited for what is to come….4 memory has no limits …3 you will find that your mind can fill up with new information but such familiar information, information that will benefit you on this journey into the unknown…2 moving with the sand… and 1.

You are now in a place where you can feel soft sand beneath your feet… and you are aware of a comforting golden light that is bathing your body in a warm, relaxing glow… you feel safe here, there’s a familiar feeling that is really comforting.. almost nostalgic. Looking behind you, you can see sands and sands that stretch far back beyond your line of vision… it seems like they go on and on and on… somehow you sense that this is your past, and the many journeys that your soul has travelled on and been a part of… there are footsteps in the sands, and you know that these footprints represent the steps that you have taken to get to this point where you are standing. Some footprints are deeper than others, and these represent relevant times where you might have had to use a lot of energy or effort to learn the great lessons you have learned so far on your journey… notice how the sands ahead of you have no footprints… you have yet to experience the opportunities awaiting you… there is a sense of wonder at this… these steps will be much lighter for you, and you will enjoy each and every step that you take in your future.

You will find here in this place that you can float, and you can float quite easily and quickly if you wanted to… so I want you to float slowly and gently now, feeling yourself drift, and how good that feels…noticing that as you float, there is a warm light that starts to surround your body, like a bubble… this is a shield that serves to protect and allow you to journey deeper here in this place in a way that is comfortable for you… as you float you know that you are in control here, always in control, always protected. I am going to count down and the full effects of this shield will be known and you will yourself relax deeper with every number that I count… knowing that the deeper you go, the better you’ll feel, the better you feel the deeper you go.

15… letting go more and more…14, 13, 12 going deeper as you feel the energy of the bubble surround you, 11, 10, 9, 8, that’s it, deeper and deeper 7, 6, 5 completely releasing now 4, 3, 2 and 1. Feel how deeply relaxed you are… every gentle breath you take only takes you further… the sound of my voice only takes you further… you are safe and you are in control… and you will be able to respond to me at any point…

And you might have noticed that you are now floating backwards over the footprints of your past, and as you float you notice that there are doors appearing next to the footprints, near footprints that are relevant to you… doors will appear for places and times in your life that you have access to at this point in time, and on the other side of the door should you choose to enter, you will be instantly transported to that time and place… you can choose to remain an objective observer or you can choose to participate… the choice is yours…you’re always in control… and if you choose to return to your safe place you can do so and know that you are completely safe.

So as you are floating back, drifting back in time, you know that you are being driven by your higher self and being directed by your guides and other helpers here today, they will help you reach whatever it is that you desire…relaxed and travelling deeper as I count now… you are floating as fast as you need to and going to a time in your early childhood…a happy, enjoyable time, maybe a memorable event when you are about 3, 4 or 5 years old… by the number 1 you will instinctively know which door to enter in your past … no need to think too much about it, whatever comes to you will be where you are meant to go

Going back there now 7, 6…going back now, 5, 4, 3 an early happy childhood memory, 2 and 1… be there now

Just allow the memories, images, sensations to become more vivid…notice what’s going on around you… you might be able to see, or feel, or you might just know what is happening, whichever way the information comes is just right for you, and when I ask you to communicate to me in a moment you will be able to do so freely and easily, the sound of your own voice will comfort you and take you further into this experience…

  • What is happening right now?
  • Can you see your feet? What shoes are you wearing if any?
  • What else are you wearing right now?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are there others here or are you alone?
  • Are your surroundings familiar?
  • Describe these surroundings
  • How do you feel?

That’s good, you’re doing really well. Is there anything else that’s important for you to remember or explore at this time?… (anchor any positive emotions)…ok when you are ready to move on just let me know by saying the word ‘ready.’

Perfect…now bringing those positive feelings with you now, exiting back through the door and into your protective bubble that allows for you to travel across the sands…we are going to continue our journey, this time we will go to sometime after your conception and before your birth, to that special time in the womb where you were preparing to come into this world…you might have some sort of sensory knowledge or experience of this time…10, 9, travelling to that doorway 8, 7, faster to that time 6, 5 going back 4, 3 a little further 2 and 1 in the womb now.

Just allow any images and feelings to come…let me know…

  • Is it light or dark?
  • Are you aware of any colours?
  • Do you feel cramped or like you have plenty of room?
  • How do you feel here?
  • You might be able to tune in and connect with your mother right now, what is she experiencing in relation to this pregnancy?
  • Can you connect with her now and influence her feelings? (Reassure her if negative)
  • How do you feel about coming into this world?
  • Why is it that you are coming to this world?

You’re doing so well… once again it’s time to leave this place and we will get back into your special bubble, ready to float across the sands back further in time now… ready to travel away from this plane, through other dimensions where time is no longer linear… your bubble will just be an abstract energy of wisdom and support to carry and guide you where you need to be, safely to another lifetime…a lifetime that is beneficial for you to observe or experience… you might gain better insight into how you think and feel in this lifetime… you might get more understanding of who you are at soul level… gain insight into your soul’s gifts and characteristics… you might have the opportunity to heal and free yourself from patterns of the past and influences stored within your soul’s history.

So as you move away from the earth plane in this place and time… and enter the ether, that special vastness… remember that you are safe, you are supported, your higher self knows what to do, and it is helped by your guides and any other spirits that need to be here with you at this time… you are all moving across different dimensions… further and further away from the 3rd dimensional physical world, the 4th dimension of the mind… travelling further so that you can access and revisit experiences from the past as a present reality… this journey is making you happy because you know you are about to gain insight and inner wisdom… this journey through the dimensions to access other times and the energetic shifts that take place will help you to remember and connect with your authentic self, your divine self, the self you desire because it was how you were first created. You will be surprised at how easily this will come to you…

Going back now to another lifetime 7, 6 … finding that door 5, 4 that’s good almost there…3 entering through the doorway 2 and 1 be there now.

Let it unfold, let the images come, let the feelings come… when you are ready, take a look at your feet.

  • Are you wearing shoes? Are you bare foot?
  • What type of shoes are you wearing?
  • What is your clothing like if you are wearing any? Or maybe you can feel what your clothes are like?
  • Do they seem to be the clothes of a male or female?
  • Look down at your hands, what colour is your skin?
  • Are you standing inside or outside?
  • Describe your surroundings, do a 360 turn if you need. describe where you are.
  • Become aware of where this place is if you are not already. You might just know. If you were to see this place on a world map where would you be drawn to?
  • What century is this or what time in history is this? The thought might instantly come to your head or you might know some numbers right away
  • How old are you? Do you feel as if you are an adult or a child?
  • What is your name? what do people call you?
  • Are you alone? Or are there others around you?
  • What is happening around you?

You’re doing really well… we are going to go to a significant event in this lifetime, you can easily move back and forth to different important events in this lifetime …3, 2, 1 (click fingers) be there now

  • What’s happening?
  • Where are you?
  • How old are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Are there others around you? What are they doing?
  • How do you feel?

(Establish significance of this life event)

We are now going to go to another significant event in this lifetime… 3, 2, 1…you can go forwards or backwards…I’ll give you a few moments and I want you to let me know what you are experiencing…

We are now going to the last day of that life to explore how that life ended… Going there now…3, 2, and 1 (click fingers) be there now

  • How old are you?
  • What is happening to indicate this is the last day of your life?
  • Where are you?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Are there others with you?
  • As you reflect back on this life and the life you have lived here, what else can you tell me?
  • What was the general feeling that you carried in this lifetime?
  • How do you feel about being the person that you were in this lifetime?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • What were your greatest achievements?

Can you think of a time where you achieved something great or lived out your talents or unique abilities within this lifetime? If you would like to, you can jump to a moment where you were experiencing one of these gifts and reclaim it to bring it back with you to your current life… go there now if you would like to

  • What were you especially good at in this lifetime?

Are you ready to let go of that body and the person that you were? Are you ready to let go of that life? Great, letting go of that body now, and as you do you bring back insightful memories and lessons… and gifts and abilities you might have had, leaving behind any trauma, illness, or negative beliefs and emotions, coming back whole and complete, carrying with you a deep knowledge and the power to transform anything that doesn’t serve you.

In a few moments we’re going to come back to this current time and place, and you will be able to recall this experience and everything you have learned today, in a positive way, in a way that serves you. Even more insight will come to you over the next few days, weeks, months, in your dreams, in your meditations, or naturally in your everyday interactions. You will be able to integrate what you have learned into your life, you will have a greater inner wisdom and you will be able to align to your original purpose and your authentic self. If there has been any negativity or trauma in this previous life, the release of these emotions will help you to heal and regain parts of yourself that you had maybe forgotten, creating more room for you to love and trust more…and you will be one step closer on your journey back to source. Returning to this room and this time now on the count of 15.

1, 2, 3 travelling back to this life… 4, 5, 6… becoming aware of your body here in the present…7, 8, 9 feeling returning to your muscles 10, 11, 12 breathing returning to normal 13 eyes wanting to open 14, 15 fully aware and fully present in this room, opening your eyes.