Imagine yourself as having the ability to fly like a bird.  It might be that you just move up in the air and can glide or you may have wings that help you to fly or some device that propels you up into the sky.  You are completely safe, no matter how high you go, as there is a cloud cushion below you that will catch you if you feel like you are falling. Actually, you have the most amazing ability to control this flight, no matter what your means of levitation. 

When you are in the air, you can see patches of clouds that correspond with areas of your life.  The first patch is where you are now.  Feeling in control, feeling that healing has taken place, you now have confidence in yourself, self-love and self-belief, a sense of belonging and knowing you are ready to move forward.  Notice the shape of the cloud you are on, does it have any particular meaning to you, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t. 

So, now I want you to look for the next area of puffy, pretty clouds and fly over to them.  These are the set of clouds where you have put everything you have learnt into practise, so that your life is how you want it to be.  As you start to descend to the cloud you feel the happiness of your future already enveloping you.  The sense of success and freedom from your old beliefs.  Now land on this cloud and feel/see/know what life is like here.  Just be here for a moment and when you have a full sense of life at this moment, nod your head. 

Now, I want you to describe to me what life looks like for you.

How do you look? Is there happiness in your eyes?

How far into the future do you feel this to be?

Do you get a sense of anything you need to do between present time and this time for you to achieve this success and happiness in your life? 

Now grab hold of the feelings from this time in whichever way that works for you.  It might be a photo that you keep in your pocket or just a grasp of the feelings and surroundings that you put into your heart.  Any way that allows you to feel/see/sense this moment for you.  This is the moment when life is how you want it to be, when you feel confident and successful, when you know this is where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to be doing and being with people that love you being happy and successful and lifting you up and rejoicing in your success. 

Now fly back to the cloud that represents the present.  Does it look the same as when you left it or has its shape changed? Does this shape mean anything to you? 

Take a moment to really integrate where you were and how it felt.  Know that these gifts, feelings and knowledge are returning with you, so you can move forward, knowing what to do and that you are going to be successful.  Your guide(s) may come and help with this integration and are happy for you as they have helped to get you to here and have foreseen where you are going as well. 

When you are ready and feel the integration is complete, nod your head.

Ok, so now you are going to slowly descend back to earth…….