By Kai Ling Kung

This script is created to help people suffering from generalised anxiety disorder – people who feel anxious about almost everything in life including social situations, study/ work performance, daily tasks, etc.

Now close your eyes and allow yourself to relax. Take a deep breath in, and out. There is nothing for you to do, nothing for you to worry about, just relax. It is easy for you to relax, as you simply listen to my commands, and you can do so comfortably and easily. You are in a safe place, allow yourself to relax further now, relaxing all your muscles, from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes. Relax your mind now, and allow your mind to simply drift away. As you drift, feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter, as if you are floating, so light, so peaceful, so calm.

Now drift further, relax further, until you find yourself standing at the top of a wooden staircase. It’s a warm sunny day… you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and light breeze caressing your face. It’s all so peaceful, all so relaxing. Look around you… you’re surrounded by lush green trees and bushes. The air is so clean and refreshing, that every time you take a deep breath in, you feel more relaxed, and more at peace. Looking down to the staircase now, I am going to count from 10 to 1. As I count down, go down the stairs and allow yourself to go deeper and deeper.

10, going down now… 9, 8, stepping down and going deeper… 7, 6, 5, deeper and deeper still, releasing all the tension, feeling so relaxed… 4, 3, 2 , completely let go, feeling so at peace… and 1, at the bottom of the stairs now, completely relaxed, completely at ease.

You now see a stone path in front of you, paved with stones of different shapes and colours. You know it’s ok to step on the path, as you feel comfortable doing so. Those stones gently massage your feet, and they do so ever so lightly, giving you a sense of peace and calmness. You walk down the path, and as you walk down, you feel the weight in the pocket in your pants. You reach down to the pocket, and you find 3 stones in there.  

Reaching for the first one, you take it out, and see the words “fear of making mistakes” engraved into the stone. You know it’s ok to let go now, as it no longer serves you. It is ok to make mistakes, because that’s how you learn. You trust your intelligence to make the right decisions, and you do so confidently. Dropping the stone now, back to the path, back to where it belongs. You feel lighter, as you continue to walk down the path.

Now, reach for the second stone, and take it out of your pocket. You hold it up high, and see the words “fear of being judged” engraved into the stone. You smile, as you are ready to let go. This is YOUR life, no one can tell you how to live your life. Judgements mean nothing to you, as it says more about the person than you. You know the truth, your truth, and you won’t let anyone else affect you. You drop the second stone, and say goodbye to it once and for all.

You feel even lighter now, as you reach down to the last stone in your pocket. You take it out, and allow the words to come to you. Engraved into the stone, is the fear, whatever that is, that is holding you back. Allow it to come to the surface now, and feel it for just a second…(pause). You smile, as you know the fear, whatever it is that’s holding you back, is not true. It is not who you are, and you are ready to let it go completely. Drop the last stone now, back to where it belongs. You feel completely at ease, as you have let go of something that’s not you. You feel so much lighter and peaceful.

You’ve come to the end of the stone path. A serene turquoise blue lake comes into your sight. The water is clear and calm, and you can see the soft white sand beneath it. You feel drawn to the lake. As you walk into the lake, to a depth that you’re comfortable with, you feel embraced by the warmth of the water, so comforting and so rejuvenating. You feel completely yourself, free of any fears, as you are accepted and loved so unconditionally, just as you are. From this moment on, you are a different person, you’ve dropped everything that you are not, and you’ve become who you truly are. Embrace yourself, embrace your life and embrace every moment in it.



Stay in the lake for a little bit longer. Feel the warmth, and be reminded that you can call upon this lake in your mind anytime you want. Let its calming and loving energy heal and centre you, and reminds you of how beautiful you are, just the way you are. Every day in every way, you are feeling calmer, more confident and more in charge. You can do and achieve anything you want with
complete ease and confidence, as you know you can, you have it within you.

In a moment, I am going to count from 1 to 10. As I reach 10, you will wake up feeling fully recharged, fully energised and confident. And as you go to sleep tonight, you will sleep so soundly and deeply, allowing this new found sense of self to fully integrate in your mind, body and soul.

1, feeling the tingles in your toes… 2, travelling up to your knees… 3, up to your thighs and hips now… 4, 5, feeling it in your chest and back… 6, 7, feeling coming back to your arms and fingers… 8, 9, heart rate, breathing coming back to a normal comfortable rate… 10, back to the room, open your eyes, feeling fully recharged and energised.