By Kai Ling Kung

This script is suitable for clients with low confidence due to the lack of acknowledgement in childhood. They might be unclear with their stance, easily swayed by others, afraid of making decisions and voicing their opinions. This could lead to self-resentment, low confidence and low self-esteem.

This script helps to nurture their inner child and reinforce all the positive beliefs and qualities within them.

Induction & Deepening of choice

As you drift and relax, you find yourself landing at a pristine, tranquil and beautiful beach. You can smell the ocean, as you hear the sound of the crashing waves and rustling palm trees. Walking down the beach, you feel the soft and warm sand between your toes, and the warmth of the sun and sea breeze across your face. The ocean is crystal clear, with the most magnificent turquoise blue water you’ve ever seen. Everything here is so peaceful, so calming…bringing you into a deeper state of relaxation.

As you walk closer to the shore, you become aware of a wooden structure in the shallow water with a swing attached to it. Driven by curiosity, you walk towards the swing. Stepping into the water, you feel your feet enveloped by the warmth of the water, so soothing, so calming. With each step you take, you go deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and as you reach the swing, you feel so deeply blessed and blissful.

As you sit on the swing, you are above the water but you may choose to splash the water with your feet or hold them up out of the water or perhaps just let your feet hang. You look out to the ocean. How pristinely blue is the water? The sun reflecting on the water glistening like the most beautiful diamonds you’ve ever seen. Feel it now, feel the energy of the ocean, so calming, so nurturing, so deep with wisdom, strength and courage. As you feel it with all your heart, you find the swing starting to move gently. The sea breeze caressing you, setting the swing in a gentle and steady motion.

As you swing and swing, you get a sense of someone standing behind you. Turning your head, you find little (insert client name), at the age of (insert age), standing behind you. Your heart bursts with so much love for her. Walking towards her you hold her hand up, and guide her back to the swing. You settle yourself back into the swing, and you lift her up onto your lap, and give her a big hug with so much love and appreciation. You tell her you understand her, exactly what she thinks and how she feels, as you are the future version of her, the brilliant, grown up woman that she’s destined to be. Her eyes light up, and no words are required at this stage, as you both feel the unconditional love, acceptance and support you have for each other…take a moment to feel the love now, feel it penetrating your entire being, from your younger self, to your current self, to all different versions of you, throughout all dimensions, time and space.

Holding her in your arms still, you thank her for protecting you from hurt all these years. You thank her for doing it the best way she knows, and that she is greatly valued and appreciated. You share with her your life experience, the moments you are proud of, your achievements and all the wisdom, skills, capabilities you’ve gained along the way, those that she didn’t have access to back then. You tell her you are now capable of looking after both her and yourself, and with all the resources you’ve gained you’ll now love and protect both of you in the most positive and loving way than ever before. You see the relief on her face, as she smiles and laughs and goes on to become the happy carefree little girl she’s always wanted to be, knowing that she is loved, cared for, wanted, valued and accepted, just the way she is, completely and unconditionally. You tell her she will never be alone, as you are within her and she is within you. In each other’s embrace, you feel her integrating within you with a smile on her face, as you feel just as happy and carefree as her and her, as strong, confident, and capable as you. You can’t help but smile, as you now know that little (insert client’s name) will grow up feeling confident, loved, valued and respected as you are now within her, just as she is now within you, happy, carefree, full of drive, purpose and passion.

Your heart is so full with love, so much love that you know from this day on, even when you’re not here with me in my office, you can feel just as loved, supported and confident because you ARE love, you are the love that you’ve been searching for. You can now give it to yourself as you ARE the answer that you’ve been searching for. You have all the resources you need within you, you are a divine being of love. So tap into the unlimited potential within you now and shine, shine so bright that you know there’s no need to hold back now. You’re here to shine, you’re here to be yourself and you are the best person to live out your dream, your purpose and your highest path.

In a moment, I am going to bring you back to full consciousness. The new knowledge and perception you learned today will penetrate your entire being… in your dreams, your waking state, day by day getting stronger and stronger, until it becomes your natural state of being…you now remember, that you are a divine being of love. You are loved, you can love and you ARE love. As you allow your true essence to shine through you’re fuelled with such passion, drive, purpose and power that nothing can stop you, as you stand so firmly in your truth and BE your truth.

Wake Up