1. Clients Issue

Falls in love with the wrong men. They want her for her body and not for anything else.

Has deep issues about her father’s infidelity when she was 8 years old.


  1. How does the client manifest their issue.

Falls for someone who gives her the slightest bit of attention. Falls for them instantly and think these men want what she wants.


  1. What choices and resources are needed?

Self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, valuing herself, knowing she’s enough.


  1. Create appropriate resources that a client can utilise throughout the story.


A tigress was walking and exploring the jungle. Along her journey she saw an elephant for the first time. The elephant had never seen a female tigress before. The tigress and the elephant created a huge friendship. The tigress after a while wanted to hunt, every time she wanted to do this with the elephant. He wasn’t interested as he was too intent on protecting the jungle’s health and environment. The tigress decided to leave and explore more of the jungle. 

Along her journey the tigress saw a monkey for the first time. The monkey came down from the tree greeting the tigress. After a few weeks their friendship grew, The tigress always wanted to go for a swim in the lake with the monkey. All the monkey wanted to do was to swing from tree to tree looking for food to eat. The tigress decided to leave the monkey and kept exploring the jungle. 

At one point of her journey, she met a giraffe. They became good friends and after a while the tigress kept asking the giraffe if he wanted to hunt for food with her. All the giraffe wanted to do was to roam and browse for food. The tigress decided to leave and keep exploring the jungle. 

As the years rolled on, the tigress found more beautiful animals like the monkey, giraffe, and the elephant. One particular day the tigress looked up as something caught her eye. It was a strong majestic and beautiful Tiger. He walked up to tigress and asked her to go for a swim in the lake. The tigress decided not to go with the tiger. 

Each day the tiger insisted they go out hunting, swimming and even for walks. The tigress constantly saying no. He kept persisting. 

One day out of the blue the tigress decided to hunt and swim with the tiger.