NOTE: I find these scripts tricky because they don’t really represent what a real session would be like. I like to be really intuitive whenever I’m doing hypno, and ask a lot of follow on questions to really help them explore – so it’s hard to write a one sided script with no client “responding” – hopefully my notes to “continue questioning” in this are ok…


Please find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, where you can relax without any interruptions. You might choose to close your eyes or simply let your gaze soften as you listen to my words. The act of listening can be a bridge to deeper experiences and insights.

Imagine, if you will, that you are in a quiet, dimly lit room. A bit like a majestic old library! There is a fireplace in the corner, shooting beautiful shades of blue, orange and red. You can hear the crackling sounds and the atmosphere is peaceful. You can feel a sense of serenity and anticipation in the air. In this room, you are surrounded by a collection of ancient, mysterious books and artifacts, all of which hold the secrets of time.

As you take a moment to breathe deeply and slowly, you might notice the scent of aged paper and the soft, gentle hum of your own breath. These sensations can guide you into a state of tranquillity and curiosity, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the past.

Visualise yourself standing in front of a grand, ornate mirror. This mirror is not just an ordinary reflection of your present self; it is a gateway to your past lives. As you gaze into the mirror, you can feel a sense of wonder and intrigue. This mirror holds the key to your past experiences, waiting to reveal itself to you.
As you look at your reflection, you might notice subtle changes, hints of a different time and place. Your clothing, your surroundings, and even your posture may reveal aspects of your past lives. Let your mind wander and explore the possibilities. I wonder what we’ll discover?!

Before we proceed into the exploration of your past lives, I’d like to ensure that you are in a state of deep relaxation. Relaxation is the path to accessing the hidden chambers of your mind where past memories may reside.


In a moment, I’ll guide you to descend even deeper into this tranquil state. This will allow you to connect more profoundly with your inner self, enhancing your ability to explore and recall the memories of your past lives.
As you continue to gaze into the mirror, imagine a soft, golden light surrounding you. This light represents the gateway to your subconscious mind, the realm where your past experiences are stored. Feel this warm, gentle light enveloping you, inviting you to journey deeper within.
As the golden light envelops you, you may notice a sense of warmth and serenity washing over you. This light is like a comforting embrace, and it is here to guide you into a state of profound hypnotic relaxation.
Let’s deepen this relaxation further. I’ll count from 10 down to 1, and with each number, you will go deeper into this tranquil state, feeling more at ease and connected with the hidden chambers of your mind.

10… Beginning to descend into a deeper state of relaxation.

9… Your mind is open and receptive to exploring the mysteries of the past.

8… Feeling more and more at ease.

7… Your body is fully relaxed.

6… Drifting even deeper now.

5… Halfway there, feeling wonderfully calm.

4… Every breath takes you deeper.

3… Allowing yourself to fully let go.

2… Almost there, in a profound state of relaxation.

1… You are now in a deep, tranquil state of hypnosis, fully prepared to explore the fascinating memories of your past lives.

In this state of deep relaxation, your connection to the mirror, the gateway that can transport you to your past lives, is stronger than ever. You are in a state of heightened receptivity, ready to delve into the rich tapestry of your past experiences.
Take a few moments to embrace this state of profound relaxation and heightened curiosity. As you do, let the golden light within you guide you on this intriguing journey through time.


You are now in a state of deep hypnosis, perfectly primed to begin your exploration.

Exploratory Past Life Component
Safe space
It is important to know that this library is your safe space. You can return to this peaceful scene any time you like.

Positive early childhood memory

In this state of deep relaxation, you stand before the mirror, and as you peer into it, you may find that the reflection begins to shift and transform. Images from the past emerge. I am going to count from 5 to 0 and with each count, you are going to go deeper, and get younger, until you are at an age in your childhood in this current life now. I’d like you to recall a specific memory from your happy childhood in this life. It could be a moment of pure joy, a special celebration, a playful adventure, or a moment of connection with loved ones. As you think of this memory, allow it to become vivid and clear in your mind. 5… deeper and younger now… 4… deeper and younger again… 3… further back we go…. 2… down in age, going deeper… 1… into childhood now, more and more relaxed… 0… back at that childhood memory, now.

As you recall this memory, notice the details around you. Are there sounds or scents associated with this moment? Can you see the faces and expressions of the people who were present, or the environment in which this memory took place?

Take a moment to fully immerse yourself in this joyful memory. Feel the emotions you experienced during that moment. The happiness, the excitement, the sense of love or connection – all of these emotions are here with you, just as they were in that moment.

As you revisit this happy memory, know that you can feel these emotions just as strongly now as you did then. Allow yourself to bask in the warmth of this memory, the laughter, and the pure delight of that time.

You are fully present in this joyful childhood memory, and it’s a beautiful experience. Take a few more moments to soak in the happiness and positivity of this moment. This memory is a part of you, and you can carry its warmth with you in your current life.


Bringing your awareness back to the majestic mirror, which is now going to transport you to your earliest self in this life, in your birth mothers womb. You are now fully present in the womb, connecting with your earliest self.

Visualize the surroundings of the womb. It’s warm, cozy, and filled with the gentle rhythm of your mother’s heartbeat. You are embraced by the amniotic fluid, which supports and nourishes you. Feel the sense of weightlessness and the comforting presence of this watery world.

Imagine the sounds that you might have heard while in the womb, like the rhythmic beat of your mother’s heart, the gentle swaying of her body, or even muffled voices from the outside world. These sounds create a soothing and safe atmosphere for you.

Take note of any sensations or emotions that arise. You may feel a sense of comfort, security, or perhaps a connection to the essence of your beginnings. You may feel other emotions, or even be aware of the emotions of your mother.

Past life

You may now begin to let go of that memory, as we prepare to go back to another time, another place, another lifetime.

Bring your awareness back to the majestic mirror, with the intention of selecting a past life to explore that would be beneficial to experience to help you understand yourself more in this current lifetime. You may see glimpses of various lives appearing in front of you – Let your mind be open to these images and sensations, as you go deeper and deeper. You are free to explore these past-life experiences without judgment or attachment. Each glimpse is like a page from a history book, revealing moments from your own unique journey through time. You may discover different environments, relationships, and even cultural contexts. These experiences are a tapestry of your soul’s history, each thread woven into the fabric of your present existence.

As you continue to explore these past-life glimpses, you will feel a strong pull to go deeper into one of them. You’ll know which one you need to take. Once you’ve identified it, go ahead and step into that version of yourself, knowing that you’re going to receive extraordinary wisdom and insight into your experience of life.

Step in now. [Pause]

Take note of the details and sensations. [Pause]

During this exploration, you may encounter significant moments, places, or people from your past life. Allow these glimpses to unfold naturally. Embrace the stories and experiences that resonate with you, as they are all part of your personal narrative.

When you’re ready, take a look at your feet. Do you have anything on? [continue questioning RE footwear, clothing, accessories, skin colour, age etc]
Now take a look at your surroundings – are you inside? Outside? Is it daytime? Night time? [continue questioning to explore the times, experiences etc of the time].

Is there anyone you recognise that’s still here in this life? [Pause]

Take your time to explore these past-life fragments. Let your curiosity guide you as you connect with these aspects of your soul’s journey. [Pause]

As you do, you may find that your understanding of yourself and your current life deepens, bringing a sense of fulfillment and insight.

Remember that this is a journey of curiosity and exploration. There is no need to analyse or interpret your past lives unless you choose to do so. Simply allow the images and sensations to flow, and take from them what serves your curiosity and personal growth.

Death scene

Imagine yourself gradually moving forward through time, as if you are watching the story of your past life unfold. You are reaching the point in that life where your physical existence is coming to a close. The emotions, thoughts, and sensations of that time are accessible to you. As you begin to witness the moments leading up to your passing, allow yourself to connect with the emotions and sensations that were present. You may experience a range of feelings – from acceptance and peace to perhaps fear or discomfort. These emotions are a part of the story.
As you focus on the moment of your passing, recognize that you are here with the purpose of understanding, healing, and gaining insights from this experience. Your higher self and spiritual guides are here to provide support and comfort.
Take a few moments to connect with the scene of your past life’s death. Notice the surroundings, the people who may be present, and your own emotions and thoughts. Allow yourself to become fully immersed in this experience.

As you connect with this experience, what lessons did that life gift you?

What did that life teach you or equip you with for your current life?

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Post-hypnotic suggestions and wake up

In a few moments, we will conclude this exploratory past life regression. As you return to full awareness, you may find that the images and glimpses you’ve experienced stay with you, enriching your understanding of your unique journey through time. Return now to your safe place, where we will sit for a moment to integrate everything you’ve learned.
In a moment, I will count from 1 to 5, and with each number, you will return to full awareness. When I reach 5, you will open your eyes, feeling refreshed and enlightened, carrying with you the insights and understanding gained from this regression.

1… Beginning to return to the present moment.

2… Slowly becoming aware of your surroundings.

3… Feeling rejuvenated and enlightened.

4… Almost there, carrying the insights and understanding with you.

5… You can now slowly open your eyes, fully awake and aware, carrying the insights and understanding from this regression with you.