To begin with, I’d like you to get comfortable and gently close down your eyes while becoming aware of any sounds around you as we start the journey within.

Now I want you to take a deep breath in while becoming aware of the top of your head. Let yourself feel the top of your head. I want you to imagine energy spreading down from your head to now your neck and shoulders, start to feel how more relaxed the shoulders and neck become.

Feeling more peaceful, more relaxed and lighter as everything starts to loosen up.

Now I want you to imagine the energy spreading down from your shoulders to your pelvis and legs taking another deep inhale and long exhale. Feel the legs begin to loosen and feel the whole body start to relax now as the energy starts to move all the way down to your feet.

I want you to now imagine this energy is full of peace and tranquility that is now starting to fill your whole body as you relax deeper and deeper.

Now as we start the journey deeper, I want you to imagine yourself entering an empty carriage on a train, and as you take your seat, the train begins to move. You realize the train is traveling backwards, through the windows you see your memories, from today, to last week, and then to last month as the train travels faster. The train now begins to slow to a stop. As you arrive you see it has taken you back a year from now.

This is the train of time. Every memory, every feeling, every thought and every belief you’ve experienced is a destination on this train. You as the passenger are in control of the train and where it stops. So let yourself go back, further and further, back to the very first experience in your life that has led to the current issue that you are dealing with today. Let your inner wisdom guide you to this experience.

Once the train has reached the correct destination let me know by giving me a nod of the head. You don’t need to know where the train has stopped or what time it has stopped, you may just sense that it has come to a stop or that it is time to nod your head.
(Await a nod of the head)

Great, now I’m going to count down from 3…to..1, and as I do you’re going to be drawn into that destination, and on the count of 1 you will be back in that place, at that age, experiencing the event again that has led to this issue. 3…2…1… (click fingers) Be there now…

Good, just let the images, sensations, and feelings arrive… I want you to now imagine looking down to your feet.


● Are you wearing shoes, bare feet or something different?
● (If wearing shoes etc.) what color are they? How big are the feet that are in those shoes?
● What are you wearing if anything at all?
● How old do you feel yourself to be?
● Are you inside or outside?
● Are these surroundings familiar to you? Do you know where you are?
● Are there others with you or are you alone?
● What are you doing?
● What are you feeling?

(If they are not in the negative experience)

Now, I want you to head backwards or forwards to precisely the time period in which this experience relates.

(If you believe that they have gone back to an RSE, ask…)

I now would like you to answer with the first thing that comes to mind. Have you ever felt this way in this life before this experience?

(If it is an RSE…)

We’re just going to put this moment aside for now and we will return to it later, because for now I’d like you to head back even further, to the very first moment in this lifetime that you had the experience of (this same energy as the RSE. Keep repeating if necessary until you intuitively know you have reached the ISE.)

(If it is an ISE)

Now I want you to imagine your adult self-approaches your child self with the resources you didn’t have back then to deal with this situation. He/She walks in and gives you a big hug with positive affirmations that would help you in this situation, the first one is strength. I am strong, I believe in myself, and I am capable of getting through this. The second one is love, I am loved, I am supported, I love myself unconditionally. The third one is self-worth; I believe in myself. I am worthy, I am deserving. Now if there is anything else you think you would need at this moment, what would it be?… (Respond with affirmations in relation to those needs) … Now with your adult self, there to support you, I want you to return to the beginning of this scene and allow it to play out how it would have played out the first time, if you had access to those resources back then. Have it play out how you want it to be. Let me know when you’re finished by nodding your head. (Wait for response) Great… What happened this time? … How do you feel now?…

I want you to now thank your adult self for coming back for you and your adult self tells little (insert name) how much you love her/him. Tell her/him that you will be there always, bringing her/him whatever resources you need to grow up feeling (appropriate changes and resources). Give her/him a big hug and just for now… say goodbye and leave little (insert name) to grow up feeling (insert appropriate resources). Now, drifting back into your seat of the train, the train begins to speed forward back to the current time and current place. You exit the train and in front of you is a staircase, this staircase is the stairway of consciousness. In a moment I’m going to count down from 1-10 and by the count of 10 you will be at the top of the stairs, fully awake, fully alert and back in this room. You will awaken feeling stronger, worthy and full of love.

When it is time for you to sleep next you will fall asleep easily and peacefully, any dreams will be a gentle and healthy release by the subconscious, assisting your growth and your positive and mental attitude. You will sleep peacefully throughout the night unless there is a need for you to awaken… And when it is time for you to awaken, at the time you desire, you will awaken feeling alert and refreshed… full of energy… looking forward to your day ahead and in fact every day, from this day on, as a healthy, happy and successful person… as everyday… in every way… it gets better and better.

Coming back to full conscious awareness now… 1… the circulation and energy returning to your feet and ankles… 2… moving up the legs… 3… to the knees… 4… to the thighs… 5… the pelvis and the abdomen… 6,7… the heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration all returning to a normal, healthy level for you… 8… the energy and circulation moving down the arms now all the way to the fingertips… 9… full awareness returning to the mind and sensors… 10… fully consciously aware now, alert and feeling great.