By Kai Ling Kung

Induction & Deepening of choice

You’ve now come to a beautiful garden…the sun is bright, the grass is soft… you can hear the birds chirping away in the distance, as the fragrance of the flowers fills up your nostrils and lungs…this is a safe place for you, everything here is so calming and soothing…whenever you feel the need to, you can return to this garden, that is always ready for you, with its loving and calming energy.

Now keep walking…as you walk past the garden, you’ll find yourself at a train station…look around the platform, and you’ll find a symbol or image of this station…can you describe the image to me? Good…now walk around and look for the train map…as you find one, you realise you are now at Station (insert age of client). You notice you’ve come a long way, there are many stations before yours, each of them indicating a situation or event in your life.

You hear the sound of a train approaching…as it arrives, board the train and get yourself a comfortable seat…the train is starting to move backwards, going back to the station prior to yours. In 3, 2, 1 you’ve arrived at the station! Get off the train and you’ll find yourself in a recent experience…it can be any experience, don’t judge or think, just allow it to unfold…feel yourself in this experience fully, and observe what’s happening…can you describe what’s happening? Where are you? How are you feeling?

Good…now step back onto the train, as we now embark on a journey back in time…get comfortable as the train starts moving…it seems to know where to go without you working out where to go…so just relax now and enjoy the scenery along the way…it is moving, going back further, going past many stations to the very first station that’s important to you…you’ll be there in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1… stopping at the station now…

Get off the train, and allow the memory to unfold. Allow yourself to immerse in that experience completely…feel yourself as the younger you…tell me how old are you? What’s happening? Are you by yourself, or is there someone else with you? How are you feeling?

Now look to your right, and you’ll find adult (insert client’s name) walking towards you…she has so much love and compassion for you, and she understands exactly how you feel…she gives you a big hug, and thanks you for protecting her and yourself all this while, in the best way you know how to… she tells you that your reactions and feelings are appropriate at the time, given the resources you had access to back then…she goes on to share her experiences with you…she has learned and grown a lot since then, and is now better equipped to protect you and herself, in the most loving and positive way possible…she is (insert appropriate resources for client). So you can let go now… let go of the need to protect…for she will come to your protection whenever you need… so let go now and be free, be the carefree, joyous little you…knowing you are loved and protected at all times, just the way you are.  

With adult (insert client’s name) and those resources now within you, go ahead and reframe the experience, just as you want it to be…let it unfold how you want it to, and let me know when you’re done by saying the word “finished”.

Good…what happened this time? How do you feel? (Make sure the client feels empowered and in control, if not you can help your client with reframing). Very good…now give your little self another big hug…we are saying goodbye for now…so little (insert client’s name) can grow up feeling happy, loved and protected.

Boarding back onto the train, you feel empowered and confident…you now know that the power is in your hands, and you are fully capable of achieving anything that you set your mind to…I want you now to imagine a time in the future where you achieve your goals, a time when you feel fulfilled and successful…when you are ready, go to the driver’s seat and input your destination…the train is starting to move, but this time, moving forward… going past all the previous stations, they seem to look brighter and lighter, the scenery seems prettier, it’s such a joy to watch…keep moving forward, and forward, you might just get a sense that the train is coming to a stop… as it stops and you get off the train, you know you’ve come to the time and place where this successful event or moment is taking place… allow it to unfold now, feel the feelings completely…feel the joy…feel the pride…really feel yourself in that moment and know that it is within you, within your reach, and it is the reality that is your future…now take out your phone, and take a photo of this scene…with this photo now in your phone, you’ll be pulled and guided towards that goal…you’ll instinctively know what to think and what to do to bring this goal into fruition…you can now trust your intuition and intelligence in guiding you towards your goal…what you are seeking, is seeking you…

With this new found sense of achievement and confidence, step back onto the train…It is now taking you back to Station (insert client’s age), the place where you started…you notice you’re now on a new railway that’s just been built, all the stations seem new and have a refreshing look…while you enjoy the scenery, you know you can now trust that there’s a part within you that knows how to get to your goal, in the most fulfilling and effective way…  

Stepping off the train and back onto Station (insert client’s age), I want you now to look at the symbol or image of this station. Tell me what can you see?


Wake Up