Okay. Let’s start by taking some nice deep breaths here as you close down your eyes and soften into the surface. Allow your awareness to find your breath…

Noticing each inhale and exhale taking you deeper into relaxation, peacefulness, softness.

That’s it. Inhale creating more space, exhale letting go, surrendering. So relaxed. Good. 

Staying here in gentle awareness, I want you to imagine a mist of calming, peaceful energy floating just above you. This mist is faint, glowing white and speckled across the surface of your being.

Just imagine it very slowly hovering here, slowly moving closer and closer to your being. This mist is going to descend upon your body, and when it does, it’s going to bring with it an even deeper sense of relaxation and calm.

Okay. Imagine, it now getting closer to your surface, closer… closer… closer… and *wind sound* landing on your being, dissolving into you, making you feel you relaxed, so peaceful. 

Notice how it soothes you as it meets you. Feel it softening through the soles of the feet… relaxing the ankles… the calves and knees melt a little more as it travels up your thighs…. Notice the tension in the hips begin to release… your torso and abdomen now fully relaxed… arms and hands breathing with relaxation… chest and ribs are soft…. Neck and head now fully immersed in a soft relaxing energy. Notice all the tightness and tension in your being is now gone and you are able to allow yourself to fall even deeper.


Staying here, noticing the level of relaxation you are feeling, I want you to imagine there is another cloud of mist hovering towards you, ever so gently, every so softly. And this cloud is bringing with it a greater sense of peace and calm. This mist is going to soften you even more now, helping you go deeper, fully releasing, fully letting go. In a moment I’m going to count from 10 to 1, and as I do you will feel the mist begin to descend and dissolve once more into your being.


Feeling the mist begin to trickle down now. 10… 9… deeper now… 8…7…6 letting go…5…4…3…2…1. 


I am now speaking to a part of the subconscious mind that is responsible for fluctuation of frequency inside the body. This is a part of you that can regulate and reduce your brainwave frequency. You may not consciously understand this part, but that’s totally okay because we are speaking directly to the subconscious here and it knows exactly what to do.

In a moment I’m going to count from 5 to 1 and ask that the subconscious mind please reduce the brainwave frequency to 5HZ, 5 cycles per second. And as it does so, you will become more relaxed, deeper in consciousness and more tranquil.

Okay. Letting the brainwave frequency drop now 5…4…3 slowing right down…2…1 all the way down. Good. 

You are now standing in your favourite place. A beautiful place, designed by your subconscious mind. Notice your surroundings… the ground… the smells… the temperature… Notice it is lush and safe… warm and welcoming… 

And just ahead of you there is a sign, saying ‘station this way’ with an arrow pointing ahead and a path carved for you. You are curious and intrigued so you follow the path. 

And you are walking. Walking… walking…

Eventually you find yourself at the station. Just give me a nod when you’re there.



You notice there is train waiting just for you to take you back to a moment in time where you felt (*insert issue or general*). Take a moment to notice what it looks like. Colours, shape, material. 


The train makes a small sound, signalling it is time for you to board.

You step onto the carriage and find you place to sit by the window. 

Notice it moving slow at first… And then, gently, beginning to pick up speed. See the platform getting smaller… and smaller… and smaller… as you get further from it. 

Feeling now the train moving faster, rocking you gently as your vision from the window starts to blur. As it rocks you, it soothes you… allowing you to let go and trust a little more. 

The train begins to slow down, eventually coming to a stop. The doors open and you step out of the carriage. Noticing you are on the platform you need to be. Let me know with a nod of the head when you have arrived. Good.

There is a sign above you telling you where you are, (*name issue*)…notice what it says. 

You turn behind you on the platform and notice there are people you love standing there. With happy, humble, proud looks on their faces… Notice who is here, who is familiar to you. Perhaps your guides are here too, cheering you on, supporting you.

Feel their love, their guidance and support. 

Just allow the sensations of the moment in time you are in to come and be with you, and take a look down at your feet.


  • Are you wearing shoes or something else?
  • (If yes) What colour are they?
  • What size are your feet?
  • Take a look at your body, are you wearing anything?
  • And your hands, how big do they seem? Is there anything on them?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Do your surroundings feel familiar to you?
  • Do you know this place (well)?
  • And what are you doing?
  • What are you feeling?
  • Is there anyone there with you?
  • And what are they doing?
  • And how do you feel? 

Once the client has reached the ISE (and I can feel it), we can progress to the healing. However if the client appears not to have reached the intended ISE or is at an RSE, then I will say:

  • ‘Okay, lets put that aside on the shelf for now and come back to it another time’. 

Okay, I want you to turn around and look behind you. As you do, you see adult (*YOU*) walking towards you with a warm, gentle smile on their face. They are looking at you with such love and care, and they know exactly how you are feeling. They walk over to you and gently give you a hug.

You notice in their hands they are carrying a bunch of beautiful, colourful flowers. Each one is different. And they are for you.

And each flower is a resource you didn’t have access to back then, but they are here for you now. 

One by one adult *** hands you a flower. Go ahead and take the flower and breathe in the sweet smell. This flower contains love…. Breathe in that love.

*** hands you the second flower, the flower of safety, and you breathe in that safety. 

Other resources: 

  • Self-worth
  • Trust
  • Belonging
  • Connection
  • Healing
  • Freedom
  • Balance
  • Care 

Are there any other flower resources that you feel like you need right now?
* Add additional resources * 

Okay. Now that all of those precious resources are inside of you, and you have the support of adult *** here to hold and guide you, I want you to go back to the beginning of this scenario and replay it exactly how you would like it to go. Knowing you have all the tools you need. Let it happen how you want.

Let me know by saying ‘finished’ when you have done so. 

Beautiful. And what happened this time? How does that feel? Does it feel complete for you? 

Great. I want you now to turn to adult *** and thank them for coming back to support you. Exchanging another hug, feel now adult *** telling little *** how much they love and support you. How much they are always here for you when you need them and that they will bring you whatever resources you need. They tell you they are here to help you grow and open so that you always feel loved, safe, warm, welcomed (any other resources). 

Giving little *** one last hug, allowing them to grow up feeling (resources), knowing they are now safe here to do so and they have everything they need. 

Okay, making your way back to the platform now. You notice again your loved ones here. Cheering you on again. So proud of you.

You are about to board the train again to take you back to the current time in this now moment. You take a moment to acknowledge those on the platform, waving as you step in. 

Again finding your seat, looking out the window and watching your loved ones smiling and waving at you as the train begins to depart. 

Feeling the carriage begin to move again, picking up pace as it transports you back into the present moment. See the vision from the widows again becoming blurry as the train moves faster. 

In a moment I’m going to count from 1 to 10, and as I do you will notice yourself coming back into the room more and more, landing at the platform of the present moment.

And when you arrive, you will awaken feeling fresh, open, loved, present (+ other resources). 

You will wake knowing you harbour the resources to keep you feeling strong, healthy, present and able. When you sleep next, you will do so easily, without interference or strife. Your dreams will be gentle, helpful and kind. All experiences that come to you will be there to assist you in the highest good, helping you grow and expand more and more each day. You sleep so peacefully that your whole being gets time to rejuvenate deeply and feel nourished by your rest. You know more now who you are and what is inside you. So, take a moment to breathe in the remembrance of your internal world. From this moment forward, you are strong, resilient, healthy and radiating with love and high frequencies. Each day is just better, and better and better and better.

Know now exactly what you are. 

Okay, coming back now to the space in full awareness and consciousness. 1 feeling the circulation return to your feet and ankles… 2 the energy moves up the calves and knees… 3 coming up the thighs and pelvis… 4 abdomen now awakening… 5 to the chest… 6 feeling your arms and fingers invigorate again… 7 to the neck… 8…to the head and crown 9… the mind returning awareness and senses … 10 fully alter, awake, present and vibrating with positive energy.