By Kai Ling Kung

This script may assist a client in building up their confidence in their body image and become more self-disciplined with exercise. The aim of the metaphor is to help the client get back into their routine, and not just to exercise for the sake of it, but to truly enjoy exercise so they can incorporate it more effortlessly into their lifestyle.

Once upon a time, there was a sheep named Sandy. Sandy lived on a beautiful farmland, where she had her yummy grass, and a little hut she called home. That was her comfort place and she loved living there. She wondered, if there was more to the world out there. “But why would I leave?” She thought to herself. She felt so comfortable living there.

One day, she noticed a ray of sunlight shining through a valley from a far distance. She couldn’t help but feel curious about what would be out there on the other side of the valley.  Without hesitation, she embarked on her journey. She walked and walked. Along the way, she witnessed the most beautiful scenery – a turquoise blue creek, a mountain full of flowers, and golden sunrays shining and warming up the earth. “How could I not see this before?” She thought to herself, and kept walking. “It’s not as hard as I thought.” She thought to herself, and kept walking.  

She started to enjoy her walk. She loved doing it. She loved the act of walking itself, and she loved the scenery along the way. Even better, she experienced the taste of different grass, yummier grass, and made friends along the way – the horse, the llama and the hummingbird. The more she walked, the more she knew how to walk, and the more she fell in love with walking. It had become a part of her life now. It was simple and enjoyable; and had become a part of who she was.

One day, she realised she arrived at the valley, where she had wanted to go. The scenery was magnificent. She felt amazing and radiated the most beautiful, confident glow. “The journey doesn’t end here.” She thought to herself, so she kept walking, and walking, way beyond the valley.