By Kai Ling Kung

This script is created for clients who are not confident in certain areas of their life. For example, they can perform very well at work but are not confident in their social life; or they can be strong parents but lacking the same strength and confidence in facing their health issues. The goal is to draw from their strength in certain areas of their life, and to transfer that across to their area of concern. The main goal is to boost their confidence and strength. This particular script is designed for a client who did very well at school but is not confident at work.

Therapeutic techniques used include guided imagery, creative visualisation, ego strengthening and direct & indirect suggestions.

Induction & Deepening of choice

I want you now to call upon the part of you that is not confident at work (or other area of concern). The part of you that dreads work, that makes you feel uneasy at work. Remember now that you are in a safe place, that it’s ok for you to feel those emotions. Go ahead and feel those emotions now. Tell me what are you feeling? What are you afraid of? What makes you think that you don’t do well at work? Allow all reasons to come forward, there’s no judgement here, only love and support. Are there other reasons that make you feel how you feel at work? Good…thanks for being honest. I want you now to put those feelings into a bottle filled with clear water. Close the lid and allow them to settle.

Take a deep cleansing breath in, and exhale. I want you now to call upon the part of you that does well at school (or other area of strength). Allow it to come forward now, and feel those emotions filling up your entire being. Immerse yourself in those emotions, feel how good it feels to feel good about yourself… (pause and let them really feel and strengthen those feelings).
Good…what are you feeling? Why do you feel what you feel? (encourage them to list all the positive reasons, the more the better!) Very good…I want you now to put all these feelings and your gifts, your (insert reasons listed by client eg. intelligence, diligence, etc.) into another bottle filled with blue (or other colour, preferably client’s favourite colour) water.

Imagine now that there’s a big white bowl right in front of you. Go ahead and pour the bottle of clear water in, the bottle that’s filled with your fears and worries at work. Allow them to settle. Now hold up your blue water bottle, and pour it all in. This bottle is filled with your confidence and achievements at school, along with all your gifts (eg. intelligence, diligence, strength, etc.). Gently shake the bowl, and allow the colour to settle. 3, 2, 1…the bowl of water is all blue now. You now know that the confidence and gifts you had at school, can be transferred to your work as well. You already have all the resources you need to excel at work. You just need to trust and allow the blue energy to penetrate your work, and every area of your life. Trust that you will, because I told you so. Feel it now, feel it filling up your entire being, feel it recharging you with strength, courage and confidence.

Good…with this new sense of confidence and strength, I want you now to imagine what you want to happen at work, just as you want it to be. Let it play out in full… What do you see now? How are you feeling? Fully immerse yourself in this experience, feel it with all your senses. This is your new reality now, for you have it within you. You’re doing so well at work, just as you’re doing so well at school.

From today onwards, whenever you need to, you can call upon your mind, the big white bowl and the bottle of blue water. The blue water infuses you with strength and confidence, penetrating your thoughts, your words and your actions. Any time when you need to, you will remember vividly, the image you saw today, the confident and talented you at work, just like the confident and talented you at school.

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10. When I reach 10, you’ll wake up feeling recharged, confident and empowered. As you go to sleep tonight, you’ll sleep so soundly and peacefully, allowing this new knowledge of yourself to sink deep into your subconscious mind. In fact every day in every way, you will be feeling more and more confident, more and more in charge. You’ll remember all that you saw and felt today, as they are a part of you now. So strong… so confident… so empowered.

Wake Up