You find yourself walking down a dirt road, keep following this dirt road as it starts to lead into a beautiful forest… keep following along the path now, down the path…and as you walk along you are filled with a sense of curiosity and adventure… and you feel very safe and calm…noticing now as the plants and trees become more dense, and this only relaxes you further.

The trees are beginning to get quite tall here… soon you come across a set of steps that lead down to the base of a gigantic tree… and in a moment I am going to count down from 10 to 1 …when I start to count down I want you to walk down those steps that lead to the base of the tree, when I do you will venture deeper into trance, and closer to where we need to be. By the time I reach 1 your brain waves will be at the required wavelength for our journey into your past.

Taking that first step now 10…9…8 … going deeper… 7…6… brain waves reducing…5…4…that it’s deeper and deeper… 3, 2, at the bottom of the stairs now and 1…

Walking right up to that massive tree now and having a look around.

The trunk of this tree is so wide…you might like to have a feel of the bark… this tree here is a very ancient tree, and it contains all of the knowledge we need to receive today.

Walk around the trunk of this tree now… keep walking around… to your amazement it seems to be going on forever… and pretty soon you reach a wooden door that looks like its carved into the tree. I want you to go ahead and have a look for the door handle, turn it, open the door and step inside…

Inside the tree you find a room that is made just the way you would like it… containing objects and furniture of your choosing. There might be objects in here that you are familiar with, or they may be things you are seeing for the first time. Take in your surroundings for a moment… this is a safe place that you can return to at any point of our journey if you need to.

You notice now that there is a hallway leading to another room inside this tree. I want you to head down the hallway to that other room now… and walking down the hallway you feel yourself relax further, as a strong sense of relaxation and comfort washes over you. Down and down the hallway…relaxing more and more with each step…. reaching the end of the hallway now and entering through the door to the next room…

Once inside this room you see a glass lift there on the wall. This glass lift has the ability to take us far from this time and place and allows us to travel through other dimensions where time is non-linear. We can access any time we wish, but today we are going to access something relevant to you, something that will lead to a sense of release and great healing for you today…. There is a table in the corner of the room where a wooden box is resting on top… I want you to go ahead and open that box, and inside you find a note folded up. On this note reads details of the issue we’ve been discussing… the issue of (insert issue). I want you to put this note in your pocket and bring it with you.

Now, head over to the lift controls… to your surprise there is no up or down buttons to operate this lift. The options are ‘current life’ and ‘past life,’… current life is the pathway to an event from this lifetime, past life for a previous lifetime. Today we are going to select ‘past life,’ and travel to the first time you experienced the issue from the note. Go ahead and press that ‘past’ button now… the doors open instantly. Step inside the glass elevator… watching the doors close now, you are safe and sound inside this lift, and it knows exactly where you need to go because it is part of your consciousness, and it is driven and guided by your higher self and your guides. Have a look now at the controls and find the button marked ‘go’… you might be able to see what’s going on outside as the glass lift takes off now… you are not sure if you are moving up or down… your surroundings are fading or becoming blurry now as the lift travels through time and space… to another life time… the life where your soul first experienced the fear, emotions and circumstances connected to the issue of (insert issue)… and this past lifetime has strongly influenced the one you are living now… you are almost at your destination, your mind instinctively knows where to go, and you are always in control… As I count down now from 5 to 1 you will instantly be there in that lifetime. Going back now 5…4…going right back…3…2…all the way back and 1… be there now.

  • Just allow the images and sensations to come
  • Have a look at your feet, are you wearing shoes? What do they look like?
  • How about your clothing?
  • How old do you feel yourself to be?
  • Do you feel like you are inside, our outside?
  • Tell me about your surroundings.
  • Are you alone or are others with you? What are they/you doing?
  • How are you feeling right now?
  • Do you feel like this is the first time you have experienced this feeling?

We’re going to go to the last day of that life now, whatever happens you will be safe and protected here in this space knowing that you are always in control. 3…2…1 be there now.

  • How old are you?
  • Where are you?
  • What’s happening?
  • Are there others with you?
  • How do you feel about the life you’ve lived?

Ok we are going to leave this experience and return to that first experience you were reliving. You can see here now that (client name) has arrived from your future life coming towards you with such a look of compassion on their face. They are bringing you so much love and understanding, and they know exactly what you’re experiencing. They have come back in time to help you here, and they have lived many lifetimes since the one you are experiencing now. With those many lifetimes, (client name) has gained lots of resources that they now have for you to take on. They give you a big hug now, and as they do, you can feel a tremendous amount of love transferring and building within you… you can now feel a sense of empowerment… and (insert relevant resources)

And now with these resources within you, the knowledge and wisdom, confidence and strength that is now pulsating within you, and with (client name) here to support you… I want you to replay these events in exactly the way it would have if you had these resources. Have it play out exactly the way you would like… and let me know once you’ve finished by saying the word ‘finished.’

  • Great, what happened this time?
  • How do you feel now?

And we will now return again to the end of this lifetime, but this time with the resources and knowledge you have just gained, 3, 2, 1 be there now.

  • How old are you this time?
  • What is happening?
  • Are there others with you?
  • As you reflect back on your life this time with your new perspective, what can you tell me?
  • Have you lived a good life? Do you have knowledge to bring back with you?

I want you to thank future (name) for coming back to help you… and (name), tell this past life (name) how much you love them… tell them that you will always be there for them and have the ability to bring whatever resources that are needed to live a life of abundance, love, compassion, patience, empowerment (insert relevant resources)… that you can be fully accessed any time you wish… but you are always there in spirit. I want you to reach inside your pocket and pull out the note you put in there earlier, and you will see now that the note says something different. It now reads ‘This issue has now been energetically cleared and will no longer prevent me from living my life the way I want to’… go ahead and place that back into your pocket to bring back with you.

And now entering back into the glass lift. Pressing the button marked ‘return’… as you notice the surroundings outside the lift becoming blurred or distorted as you travel home, you will return feeling safe, confident, loved, empowered, and like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders, a release you didn’t anticipate… because you now have those learnings discovered today and they have spanned across your many lifetimes between then and now, to instil that release you have been seeking.

And the next time you sleep you will rest deeply throughout the night, and any dreams you have will only consolidate what you have learned today. They will be good dreams that bring you even more release. And when you wake up you will wake up refreshed and excited for the day to come, because of the new inner wisdom you have unlocked, and you will know that every day, in every way, gets better and better on your soul’s journey.


Wake Up