Allow your eyes to close gently now and as you do, feel your entire body relax. And as you settle into the chair that you’re sitting on, allow your breathing to guide your relaxation even further. And as you breathe in, your entire being comes into centre with itself. And as you breathe out, you feel your energy body sink down and settle deep within you. Take in another calming breath now, breathing in peace and comfort…and breathing out all worries and inhibitions. 

Imagine a beautiful ball of glowing light above your head now. This light can be one colour or many colours. It can be anything you want it to be. But it really doesn’t matter, because this light is perfect for you and is designed to take you into the deepest state of relaxation possible at this time.

Feel this light as it passes down through the crown of your head, instantly slowing down your brain wave frequency, filling your head and soothing your mind of all worries and cares. Enjoy the sensation now as it moves down your neck, past your shoulders and torso, down your arms and shining out through your fingertips. And as this light moves further down, you become more and more relaxed, More and more at peace. The light is travelling down your pelvis and thighs, down your legs and warming and glowing all the way down to the tips of your toes. Your whole being is now encompassed with this beautiful glowing light. Just bask in this feeling now as your consciousness deepens.



Imagine now that you are standing at the top of a staircase. You have already achieved a deepened state of consciousness, but this staircase will allow you to go even deeper into your subconscious mind. In a moment, I’m going to start counting from 10 down to 1. And when I begin, I’d like you to start walking down this staircase. And you may find that it will be so incredibly easy to move descend down this staircase, almost as if you don’t need to make an effort at all. And when I reach the number 1, you will find yourself at the bottom the staircase, exactly where you need to be in order to access the deepest parts of your consciousness. 

10 Take your first step down now and keep moving down at a pace that works for you 9 almost gliding down now, soo relaxed…

8, 7

6 Deeper and deeper down 5, 4

3 even deeper now 2 Sooo deep

And 1. 

Wonderful. You are now fully able to access the deepest parts of your mind and are in a state of being where you are fully able to heal. 


Regression Mode 

Imagine a door before you know. Behind this door is a theatre room designed to take you back to any part of your life that is relevant to heal the issue of (name issue)

I’d like you to walk over to this door now and open it. As you do, you notice in your mind’s eye a comfortable chair facing a screen. You may see this chair or just get a sense that it is there. I want you to sit down on this chair now. Really settle in and make yourself comfortable. You’ll find a remote control next to you now. Pick up the remote, point it at the screen and press the ‘on’ button. Just know that this screen represents your mind. And you have complete control over what shows up on this screen. Because you inherently know what it is you need to do in able to get to the root of the issue of (core belief). You know how to go back to the very first time you felt this way (trigger of core belief) in this lifetime. So, let’s begin now. 

On the screen is a photo of you in a scene from a very recent time. You may see the image visually, or you might just get a sense or feel of a particular recent memory. We are going to keep going backwards in time now, so I want you to flick the arrow button to the leb to go to another memory… perhaps this one is from a month ago, or 6 even 6 months, or a year ago. It doesn’t really matter, because your subconscious mind is picking out the perfect photos to represent the memories that will take you back to where you need to go. Flick the arrow to the next photo now…. Keep going at your own pace. Very good. You’re doing a fantastic job. And you’re going further back in time in this current life, past your teenage years, right back into your childhood.

And you will know when you have landed at the particular photo that represents the first time you ever felt this way in this life. This photo may even have a title on it that says (trigger). Whatever shows up, you will instinctively know. 

Whether you can see the photo or not, give me a nod of the head when you’ve stopped turning the pages of the album and you’ve landed at the place you need to revisit. 

(Wait for nod.) 

Good, you’re doing a terrific job. Now I want you to allow yourself to walk over to the screen, or get a sense of walking up to the screen. I’m going to count from 3 down to 1, and when I click my fingers, I want you to step into the screen and find yourself in this particular memory. 3, 2, 1 (click fingers). You’re here now, at this time, at this age, experiencing the same feelings and at the very same event that led to (core belief/issue). 

(If intuitively feel/know that client is not at ISE and is at RSE) 

I want you to answer as quickly as possible with the first thing that comes into your head. Have you ever experienced this feeling prior to this experience in this lifetime? 

(If RSE) 

This experience must feel so difficult. We are going to put this event to the side for a moment now and come back and revisit it shortly. I want you to go back even further now to the very first time you ever felt the (trigger) that led to (core belief). Step out of this scene now and go back further. Give me a nod of the head when you’ve arrived at the photo. Excellent. We are going to step into the screen and go there now. 3, 2, 1 be there now! 

Just allow yourself to feel the sensations of what is happening to you at this time and place. If you can see yourself, I want you to go over and merge with the body of little you and really feel your way into this scene. Look down at your body now. 



How old do you feel yourself to be? What colour is your skin?

What are you wearing?

Where are you? Inside or outside? What are you feeling?

Are there others with you? What are you doing?


Once ISE has been fully experienced:



I know this must have felt so big for you. But the wonderful thing is you have a chance to fully heal and receive the resources you need to equip you for this experience and all other experiences. You notice now an adult (name) walking towards you, smiling. Adult (name) cares so deeply for you and you feel so comforted as he/she approaches to embrace you. Adult (name) is you and knows exactly how you are feeling and what you have been through. He/she has brought gib boxes that each contain a specific resource that you didn’t have when you experienced this back then. So one by one, I want you to take a gib box from adult (name) and open it. The first box contains love. Take that love and hold it to your heart now. The next one contains trust. Take this trust and place it into your heart now. (Keep going with whichever resources are needed)

Are there any other resources you need? Does adult (name) have any other gib boxes for you?



Now you have within you all of the resources you need to support you fully. And with adult (name) here to support you, go back to the beginning of this scene and rewrite it. Play it out how it would go now that you have the resources you need to make a different outcome that leaves you feeling so good. 

I’m going to give you a few moments to let this play out, now that you are equipped with full support and all the resources you now have. Just give me a nod of the head when you’re finished. 

Great. What happened this time? How do you feel now? 

(If client only feels ok/feels it didn’t well, guide client through reframing the scene.)

You’ve done an amazing job. I want you to give adult (name) a big hug and thank him/her for coming back to help you. And adult (name), the child version of you how much you love him/her, and let them know that you will always be there for them bring you whoever you need to grow up feeling empowered and (insert appropriate change/emotions). I’ll give you a moment to hear any other messages adult (name) had for you and to give him/her a big hug goodbye. 

If previously went back to RSE before ISE: 

We are now back out of this scene, flicking through various photos until we arrive at the memory we landed on before (describe RSE scene). 

You’ve had (insert number of years) experience with the resources you need now, and you’ve now had a very different previous experience. So, we are going to back to this experience and play it out now that you have all that you need to change the outcome and bring you a positive feeling experience. So now feel the healing move through this experience. How does this one play out now? 



We are going to leave this memory behind now, as the healing has occurred and integrated into the depths of your very being. You now feel so confident and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. You feel whole and complete. You know that you are able to form and maintain wonderful relationships and drastically improve every area of your life. And you know that every day this feeling of wholeness will grow even more. You are now ready to move forward as this new and empowered version of you. You have all the resources you need within you now to create whatever you wish in your life. It feels incredible to feel so confident and self-assured. 

(Insert other relevant emotions/changes) 

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10, and when I reach 10, you will open return to full waking consciousness, feeling vibrant, and reinvigorated. 

1, energy returning to your body now 2, 3 wiggling your fingers and toes

4, 5 feeling the warmth run through your body 6, 7, 8 starting to feel alert now

9 and 10 eyes opening now, fully awake and feeling amazing.