Imagine being in your most favourite place in nature. This could be a place you’ve visited in real life, something seen on TV, or entirely made up in your mind’s eye—a place that makes you feel safe, loved, and secure. Scan the environment with your eyes and notice what you see. Imagine the temperature of your skin in this tranquil place, listening to the sounds of nature and internally smiling at the peace these sounds evoke. Allow curiosity to guide you as you explore your surroundings a bit more. Eventually, find the perfect spot to sit or lie down and bask in the peaceful, beautiful, safe space, knowing you can return here whenever you want.

Now, picture yourself floating into the air, going higher and higher until you are above the clouds. Arrive on a soft, fluffy cloud that feels safe and warm. A guide, full of love and compassion, joins you to lead you on your journey. They hand you a necklace with a symbol on it—take note of the symbol. Look around and observe a line stretching out behind and in front of you. This line is your timeline, containing all your past experiences as it extends behind you and all your future experiences as it extends in front of you.

Imagine stepping onto the line behind you. You will go back to a place on the line that your soul would like to revisit today—a time necessary for your present-day self to experience again, enabling you to move forward in life with more grace, empowerment, and fulfillment. Notice a spot on the line shining like a bright light. As the light intensifies, feel yourself being pulled towards it, knowing you are going back to a childhood memory. Be there now.

See your child self in front of you and introduce yourself. Assure them that they are safe and loved. Take note of what they are wearing, and if they reveal their age, acknowledge it. Offer affection if they desire—perhaps a hug or holding hands. Gaze into their eyes and feel what they are feeling. Let these emotions arise within you and grow stronger. Hand your child self a gift, allowing knowledge and wisdom to transfer from your adult self. They now understand their reactions have been reasonable, given their experience, but things are different now. You give them a huge hug and thank them for everything, knowing their old response is no longer needed in your present life.

Float back to the cloud in the centre of your timeline, feeling grateful and proud of your younger self. This time, move forward on your timeline to a place in the future where you are experiencing success and fulfillment. Gaze forward, and as a light appears on your timeline, let yourself be pulled towards it. Be there now.

Take a moment to allow awareness to come to you. Notice what you are wearing, whether you are inside or outside, and the temperature. Sense your age in this future projection and determine if you are alone or with others. Get curious and explore this future time with all your senses. Absorb the emotions, knowledge, and wisdom of this future version of yourself. Let go of control and truly enjoy this experience.

Now, gently make your way back to your timeline, feeling pulled out of this projection and back to the cloud on the timeline. Your guide is there, smiling eagerly, handing you another necklace with a symbol on it. Notice the symbol and whether it is the same or different. Excitedly return to the present day, knowing the future holds magnificent things for you.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Wake Up


Therapy + PREM/Post-hypnotic suggestion

I’d like you to picture yourself in a serene park. It is a warm day but your skin feels fresh under a dense tree canopy. You find a sturdy wooden bench and take a moment to sit on it and take in your surroundings. You can feel the earth under your feet, grounding you, centring you. It is perfectly still except for the gentle whooshing of wind in the trees high above. The scent of pine softly greets you. This is your safe space. You can come back to this place at any time and absorb the serenity, the pure relaxation, the wisdom of nature. Standing up now and moving through the pine trees to a little dirt road up ahead.

As you reach this dirt road, you notice there is a car, waiting there for you. This is no ordinary car, for it can take you to all times, past and future, whenever your soul desires. This special car is powered by your subconscious so you can relax and be assured that it will take you where you need to go. As you approach the car take a moment to get a sense of what it looks like, maybe it’s a particular colour. Go ahead and get in the car, turn it on and begin to move up the dirt road. Turn the radio on if you like, maybe you can hear what song is playing. As the car gently approaches a T-intersection you can see a sign pointing left ‘Past’ and a sign pointing right ‘Future’. The road in each direction is windy and has many stops but today you are going to turn right to a time in your future. Driving along the winding road you pass many signs and turn-offs. You might not know where you are going just yet, but your subconscious mind is taking you to a time in the future where you are happy and successful. (Insert relevant future projection specific to client). And while there may be many twists and turns along the way, you will arrive effortlessly at this time in your future. Finding yourself there, happy and successful. A time where you are no longer limited by your current constraints (Insert specific constraints).

Turning into the road now that leads you to this version of yourself. Feeling the car slow down to a stop. Exit the car and take a moment to get a sense of your surroundings, allowing any images or sensations to come to you. When I count from 5 down to 1 you will have a clear sense of this scene and will be able to communicate it to me with ease. 5, 4, images and sensations becoming very clear, 3, 2, and 1, be there now. Ask relevant questions:

– Where are you? Describe your surroundings with as much detail as possible
– Why are you here?
– What do you look like in this scene? (may suggest they find a mirror to get a good look at themselves)
– How are you feeling?
– What are you doing? How have you achieved these feelings of happiness and success?
– Who else is there? How do they respond to you? What do they think of you?
– Get a sense of how you got to this point in your life.
Now you can see your higher-self coming towards you, full of love and pride. Your higher-self is here to answer any questions you have about this experience. Take a moment to ask any questions and listen to the wisdom of your high-self. Let me know when you have finished by saying ‘finished’.
Good. Now you can see that your higher-self has brought you a gift to take with you back to your current experience so that you may remember the richness of this future. He/she/they give you a snow dome. In it is (describe preceding scene) where you are happy and successful, it is full of reminders of (positive feelings experiences, lessons, the way you look).

You can now leave this time, feeling grateful to observe such a positive future. You may like to thank your higher-self, you feel a new sense of purpose and energy in every fibre of your being. Returning now to your car, bringing with you the snow dome as a reminder of this wonderful experience. You feel so excited for this future and motivated to move towards it. As you approach the car, you might notice it appears different, taking note of any differences without trying to analyse. Getting into the car now and switching on the radio, maybe a different song is playing? However it is, is perfect and just as it should be, just for you. As the car begins to move you notice that the road has become wider, smoother and completely straight. You are able to easily view your way back to your current time. The road feels much easier and much more obvious. As you travel back to your current experience you bring with you all of the lessons from today. You gently pull the car into the road of your current time. You leave the car with confidence knowing that the road ahead of you is full of happiness and success. You are able to overcome any obstacles easily, as you know what awaits you. Even when you are no longer here in this room, you will be able to easily identify your higher path as you have now travelled this road. Every day you will attract situations that keep you on this path to success and happiness. When you go to sleep, your subconscious will integrate the map to this amazing future that awaits you. Every day you feel a stronger sense of yourself and you feel more in touch with your higher self and higher path. Every day in every way, it gets better and better.