Future Projection

As you spend some time in this place of pure peace, I want you to imagine a door appear before you. It is a very large and welcoming door that has a light shining around it, glistening vibrantly, you make your way toward the door. When you arrive you place your hand onto the door and take a slow and deep breath down to the bottom of your belly, and you push open the door and enter through to the other side.
Immediately you are surrounded by a glorious sight of an old library, windows with sun shining through line the tops of the walls. Aisles filled with rows of countless amounts of books. It feels really comfortable to be here, so you begin to explore. Observing this simply amazing space you are feeling drawn to a particular aisle, maybe a certain number aisle is attracting your attention, so you allow the magnetic pull guide you to where you need to go.
Standing at the end of the aisle you have two shelves before you, one on the left labelled, past. The shelving on the right is labelled, future.

Your attention is pulled to the righthand shelf, future. Scanning the length of the row of books you perceive that amongst the many books stacked neatly that the sun shining through the window is lighting up a single book, so you make your way toward it being guided by your heart and highest good. Arriving before the book you pause at it for a moment, allowing the connection to the book to grow strong, you now reach for it and pull it out of the shelf and hold it against your chest. The connection grower deeper and deeper. You now observe the book. It may have a title, or it may be blank, if it is blank it doesn’t matter because you know exactly what this book contains and what it means to you. Opening the book now. The connection and understanding deepening with every moment you remain in contact with the book. Flicking through the pages, their may be words or pictures or both. Turning pages, you stop in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Upon stopping you are being pulled into the book, into a point of time in your future of this current life where you experience and feel everything your heart desires. It may be a time of the upmost success, a time filled with love and joy. You may be financially abundant, or you may be exploring different parts of the filled, or it may be a simple yet profound time of peace, surrounded by loved ones or time in solitude. 3, 2, 1 be there now.


Coming out now and arriving back in the library, back in the aisle in front of the shelf. Placing the book against your chest, the connection so deep and so powerful you take a deep breath in and as you do the book is absorbed into your being. It becomes a part of you, part of you now. Part of your physical being and part of your energetic self. What you have just experienced is destined to come to fruition. You pan to observe that the books lining the shelf are now moving and shuffling themselves around, some changing appearance completely. All creating a new order of experiences and opportunities that will present themselves in a way that will lead you to the experience you’ve just visited. From this moment on you will find that people, places, and things will more often than not, remind you and guide you of what you desire. Encouraging you to make choices that align with your hearts desire and your highest good.

Preparing yourself to come back to the current time in your waking life. You begin to leave the aisle. Carrying a smile on your face you can feel your cells vibrating with excitement for every day that presents itself from this day on. Heading for the door you count your steps on the way out. And as you do you bring with you into your current time in life a newfound sense of joy for life, knowing that what you’ve just experienced is something that you will experience again but as reality. You look forward to every day’s opportunities and moments. For the moments are what is most precious in life. Beginning to count your way out now.

Wake Up