By Carol Green

So now you have begun to sell your products and have a good few contacts under your belt, you are moving slowly but surely toward your goal of branching out with your new products.  You are planting the seeds that you wish to flourish and you will reap the rewards.  The fog that seemed as thick as pea soup has now dissipated, you can see clearly now and are on a roll.  Although, sometimes you did, in the past, feel like you were struggling to stay afloat you are no longer sitting on the fence and are going full steam ahead with your new ideas and reaching more and more clients.  The responsibility no longer weighs so heavy on your mind and it now becomes less and less of a burden to you as new ideas present themselves to you… As each and every day goes by, the future of your business looks brighter and brighter and ideas come to you easier and easier… and now the road ahead will look less rocky.


Of course there are moments of doubt in the back of your head but these are dissipating as each day goes by, and you will from now on, no longer be caught between a rock and a hard place, and sometimes you may even think that you have a mountain of paperwork to get through, emails to send, contacts to make, but when you are nearly done, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You will be able to move forward and you now realise that it’s a breeze to accomplish your goals as more and more new ideas come to you, which will enable you to reach your goal.

You will find that the line in the sand (your doubts), will disappear in the wind and you will cross the line and all your doubts you had about increasing your business will be blown away just as the wind blows the sand.  You now realise that getting up to speed with your goals is not as hard as you thought. More and more each and every day you now realise that it is a breeze to achieve your goals of branching out to a larger client base.