This script was created for a client who suffers from Body Dysmorphia. The client is male and aged in his early thirties. The triggers are social situations and hearing people speak negatively about appearance of others. This script would appropriate for clients of any gender who are struggling with self-criticism.

Close your eyes now and focus on taking some, nice slow deep breaths in and out. And as you focus on your breathing, you feel yourself beginning to truly relax. And any sounds you may hear around you, only add to the sensation of feeling relaxed and at peace. For this is your time, to focus on taking care of you and showering yourself with the love that you deserve.

I’d like you to sense in your mind now, a healing wave of light lapping just above the crown of your head. This light has been created especially for you. It has a magical healing quality that will allow you to begin to heal and feel a deep acceptance towards yourself. Feel this wave of light start to come down now, filling your head and clearing your thoughts. You’re feeling such a sense of peace, as this light put your mind at ease. And as this light continues to travel down your body, you feel it filling you with love. Coming down your neck now, down your torso and arms. You feel acceptance and surrender to the beautiful light. Feeling soo relaxed and allowing the healing. Down your pelvis now, down your thighs, your legs. Shining out through your feet now. You are glowing and beaming with this healing light. This light has instantly cleared and transmuted any negativity or stress that you may have been holding onto.

Empowered with this light, I’d like to imagine you are standing by a canoe beside a gently flowing creek. Move this canoe into the water and get in. This canoe is going to allow to access the deepest part of your mind, where the greatest healing and positive transformation can occur. It’s time to travel downstream now. Just allow the running water to start moving you down the stream and a pace that feels right to you. I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 in a moment, and when I reach 1, you will have arrived at the bottom of this stream which represents your deepest part of your subconscious mind. Here you will be able to heal and transform at a fundamental level. So, let’s begin. 10, 9, gliding along effortlessly downstream, 8, 7 soo peaceful, 6, 5, relaxing even more now, 4, soo deep, 3, 2 almost there and 1. Your canoe comes to a graceful stop now beside the shore. You have arrived at a place of utmost peace and relaxation.

I’d like you to step out of the canoe now and find a bed of feathers that is waiting for you. It is surrounded by beautiful crystals and flowers of the most beautiful colours imaginable. You see the crystals sparkling and you know that this has all been prepared especially for you to foster deep healing at the core of your very being. And you notice that you are not alone here. There is someone very special waiting for you. And as you get closer you realise that it is in fact in you. It is your higher self. The aspect of you who knows how worthy, how valuable and how loved you truly are. Your higher self is smiling at you and radiating so much love. You notice how beautiful your higher self is, and you feel overcome by how powerful and incredible the energy that your higher self is transferring to you feels. Your higher self asks you to lie down on the bed of weathers now. And you do so, knowing that they are here to help you. You feel how soft and comfortable this bed of feathers is and you feel so at ease. You feel so at peace. And now you sense the presence of many other helpers standing beside you. You know they love you dearly and are here to help in this wonderful ceremony especially for you. Your higher self now holds a magic wand and places it near the top of your head. You feel this magic, this love starts to fill up your entire body as you higher self moves the wand across your entire being. And as they do, there is a transference of messages that you need to hear. They tell you how perfect you are, just for being you. How loved and appreciated you are by those in your life, and those that you have never even met in this lifetime. You start to feel your inherent worth and a big smile begins to spread across your face.

I’ll give you a few moments now as you higher self waves this wand up and down across your body.

And just listen to the messages they wish you to know, for you will hear or feel them deep within. You feel so filled so with love now and feel a deep acceptance of yourself. You feel empowered and confident. It is time for you to say goodbye to your higher self and loved ones. Thank them for supporting you and tell them how much you love them. For they are always with you, and you can return here to be with them whenever you like.

I’d like you to walk back to the creek now. And look down at the beautiful water. As you do, you notice your reflection looking back at you. And now, you notice how you love what you see. You know your inherent worth and feel incredible. You realise deeply that are so loveable and needed by those who love you. You know that you are desired and loved in your relationship. You notice wonderful things about your reflection, not just with your appearance but appreciation for who you are within also.

In a moment, I’m going to count from 1 to 10, and when I reach 10 you will return to full waking consciousness but with a renewed love, respect and appreciation for yourself. You will have clarity, wisdom and understanding as to your purpose and your oneness with all that is. Feeling so confident, empowered and reinvigorated about your life and what is to come in your future. For you know that you are capable to achieve whatever it is that you wish. Time to return now. 10, 9, feeling the energy return to the body, 8, 7, starting to come back, 6, 5, energy rushing throughout the whole body now, 4, 3 breathing and blood pressure returning to normal, 2, coming back now, and 1 feeling alert and refreshed, eyes open now, fully awake and feeling great.