By Cagla Rifat

Now in this totally relaxed and peaceful state, I want you to take time and connect to your spirit. Feel the utter peace and contentment acknowledging that this is your true nature and can be easily tapped into at all times.  You are a wonderful divine being of love and light and living abundantly is your inherent right.  There is nothing that you need to do or to achieve that will ever determine your worth for you are whole and perfect just as you are.  You deserve all that the Universe has to offer.  You can be confident in the fact that Universe is always bending in your favour. 

Soon, I will count up from 1 to 5 and when I do you will awaken feeling fully refreshed and revitalised with a deep knowing and trust that the Universe is always supporting you.  You will be able to face each day with positivity and be guided by presence to live life with ease and flow.  Every day in every way it gets better and better.