Great, now I want you to imagine you’re walking down the path of a very familiar street.

This street is known to you perhaps form this timeline or another.

This pathway is leading you towards a house, a house that you know.

Maybe you know it from your childhood or maybe you know it from dreams and visions you’ve had before. Whatever comes first to mind, stay with that.


Okay. Making your way along that path now to the gateway or entrance to this house. Go ahead and open the gate, step in and begin to walk down the short path to the front door.

Open it, and step inside. 

Take your time exploring and walking around this space, familiarising yourself, or not, with what is around you. Notice here you feel safe as it is a place you have felt before.

This house has many different rooms, all throughout. Just take a moment to observe. Great.

There is a staircase in front of you. 

This staircase will lead us to access different versions of ourselves.

As you know, we are made up of many different parts, that are all here to serve us in this moment. These parts have changed and altered as we have gotten older. Some are here to support us in difficult moments and some here as a result of past experiences or changes. Whatever their reason, these parts can sometime create internal conflict and they can become loud, confused and frustrated. All to get our attention.

So, today, we’re going to journey deep inside the house to meet the parts of us that are calling for us to hear them. You may have noticed it first as a thought, then an emotion, then a physical experience, or one of those things. Before you head up the stairs, say to yourself ‘I am open to meeting the part of me that needs the most attention right now’ or ‘I call forward the part of me that is experiencing …..

Stay with this statement and walk up the stairs. Good. 

There is a space upstairs where you may sit, in front of a small fire place. There are 2 sofas, a comfortable distance from each other.

You notice there is someone or something sitting in one of them. Go ahead and take a seat with this part now.

You know them. You have experienced and felt them before. Take some time to get a sense…


Go ahead and ask this part if it has a name…

What are they saying to you?
It’s okay if nothing comes through, sometimes our parts can be protective. Go ahead and ask and let me know when you’re done. 

And what is this parts role? What is it here to do? Remember they are here to teach you.

…….. let me know when you’re done by nodding…… 

Ask how long this part has been with you? 

…….. nod when they’ve told you……. 

Great, go ahead now and allow this part to communicate anything it feels its needs to with you and give yourself time to respond. Opening up a dialogue with this part.

Let me know when you’re done by saying finished.

Great… Good job. 

Now, ask this part of you what it needs from adult you to feel safe and heard to create the change that is required for *NAME* evolution. Does it need love or protection, healing or to be witnessed? Whatever it needs, let this part know that you are fully capable, strong and have all the tools required to hold them. 

Great, and can *NAME* give that to them now?

Wonderful. Allowing your adult self to now pour all of that wisdom and love into the heart of this part. Giving space for them to receive.

Notice how you’re feeling much lighter in this process, much more peaceful. 

Just allow the subconscious to anchor and integrate that awareness now, continuing to relax and allow the process to unfold naturally, knowing you do not need to DO anything, just be and trust, be and trust. Good. 

Checking in with this part one final time now, asking it if it would like a different role?

And does that role require a different room in the house?

…….. Great!……. Allow for that now…. 

Allow for that part to now leave the space, knowing it now feels rejuvenated, seen, witnessed and heard. That this part has received all that it needs to in this moment and you are both feeling the healing benefits from this meeting. 

Watch now as this part walks through one of the doors upstairs and disappears.

Okay. Now, just checking in, before you go, if there is any other part of you that wishes to be seen in this moment, to come forward and take a seat by the fireplace with you. 

*Allow space* 

Excellent. When you’re ready, slowly get up and make your way back to the staircase, descending down them. 

You walk through the main part of the house and to the front door, opening it and stepping out. Good.

Slowly beginning to prepare to return to this present, conscious moment. 

As you do you notice how you feel much more whole, integrated and held. You notice that there is a warmth with you, like a soft hug. New neural pathways have just been formed in your brain and your body is remembering the all-encompassing feeling of love, unity and peace that you are. As you anchor and integrate this experience into your entire being, you know fully that you are capable of holding space for any parts that wish to come forward. You know what your tools are and how to use them, no matter the situation. Allow for this vibration to resonate within you. Feel yourself fill with that trust and knowing. Your fingers tingling, your toes pulsing, your heart full! 

As you return, to this present, physical moment, you will remember this experience always. These beautiful feelings will return with you and the beneficial changes you have made in your mind and psyche will ripple into your entire existence, creating nothing but beautiful opportunities and experiences in your life.

And when you go to sleep tonight, you will do so effortlessly. You will rest deeply and without interference. Your dreams will be light and fulfilling as your entire being has now been enlivened.

When you wake, you will be filled with confidence and positive energy… refreshed and happy… you will be sure of who you are and your walk will follow. You trust… 

Allowing the consciousness now to pour back into your being now. Great… 


Wake Up