There is a deep and profound part of you & your mind, an incredible intelligence that holds more power than you are aware of. It’s never off the clock, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is the part of your mind that automatically reacts, because it only wants to protect you. It is the part of your inner self that’s allows you to experience every emotion. The part of you that has the power to heal any pain, that knows how to bring a positive balance and harmony to your thoughts and so, your choices. This is your subconscious mind, this is the part of your mind that allows you to read a page in a book, paint your nails or eat your dinner while you mentally plan the next day. It is the deepest part of your mind that remembers and stores every thought, memory and experience for you.

This is the part of your mind that will allow you to process everything you experience during this session without you having to do anything at all. Sometimes when we experience pain, loss or heartbreak it can cause a blockage within us, that stops us from being able to process our feelings & makes it hard to understand our emotions and behaviors. We find ourselves giving knee jerk reactions that seem out of character to what we would ideally like to do and this is due to the parts of us that do this as a means of protecting us. So today even if you are consciously not ready to process or are unaware of what you’d like to work on, it’s ok, your subconscious mind has a natural healing ability and will do all of this for you and will continue to exercise everything when you leave here today.

Imagine that your mind is made up of different characters, they have been along with you on your journey, and they’ve been taking mental notes on each experience you have to avoid you being in pain in the future. They have each alchemized the unique and rare being that you are and because they only want what’s best for you, each of them gladly takes on the job to protect you no matter what, but because each of them are so different and have integrated within you at different times of your life, they usually clash and this is when you may feel a wave of stagnation & frustration, like a cloud of confusion is hanging over your head.

I’d like you to imagine a glowing light inside you, take your time to become aware of it…. breathe into it and begin to go inside yourself. Imagine now that you are wrapped in this glowing light… settle in… I’d like you to imagine that inside you, your inner self, the deepest part of you is a beautiful, majestical & safe forest, you can imagine this to look however you feel… You get a sense that this special place within you holds every memory you’ve ever created and every choice you’ve ever made. This space within you is familiar, eternal and never ending. This is the place we have come to, to overcome any obstacles that are blocking you from living a more abundant and aligned life….

Take another moment to settle in and ask yourself a question…you can trust that whatever comes up first is what you need to work on…ask yourself “What behavior is

holding me back from living a more abundant life right now?” You will notice that as soon as you ask this question you see a familiar face or presence moving towards you. It is familiar as this is the presence you are met with whenever you’re experiencing this behavior. 

Now it’s time to ask this part of you some questions, don’t be alarmed if you don’t get an answer, this part of you is so proud of how strong their method of protection is that they may feel defensive. They don’t know how to exist in any other way, so be patient.

Now ask them why does it want you to behave like this? What is it protecting you from?… take a moment here… remember if they don’t answer that’s ok.

There is another part of you who wants to change this behavior, it wants a different experience for you, this is the part of you that feels uncomfortable when you behave in this way that’s creating negative experiences in your life. Start to call this part of you in and image it making its way to the both of you. You will see this part is so happy to see you and is excited to express why it wants to be different        take a moment to listen to what it has to say, they’ve been waiting for this moment to share it with you, but they’re not sure how to take action….

There is a mediator within you that is full of wisdom, I’d like you to imagine that this part of you has now joined the circle… another part of you that is very familiar, as anytime you’ve had to solve a problem they have been there! You can resolve any issues between the two conflicting parts of you. Now ask the part of you that is creating unwanted thoughts what it needs to feel safe and to feel it belongs?…Reassure this part that whatever it needs, you can give it. You are made up of so many wonderful strong and empowering elements, that there is no request to far out of reach. You love deeply, you are reliable and trustworthy, and you’re committed to making this part of you feel safe, loved and secure.

I’d like you to imagine that in your hand appears a tiny seed, imagine all the energy and elements needed to make this part of you feel safe is flowing into this seed, now remember if you have trouble with this that’s ok, your subconscious mind is filling this seed up for you     now plant this seed in the middle of your circle and drop down even deeper into relaxation… that’s right 3.  even deeper now allowing this seed to begin its

healing work, 2…….. so much deeper allowing this healing energy to spread into every part of you and 1 you can feel this healing energy transform within you, without you having to do anything, you can know that right now there is a strong and deep integration happening… that’s right   this seed will continue to grow within you. You are transforming as we speak and you will continue to transform every second.