This script has been designed for a client that had previously had issues with feeling abandoned/unwanted. 

** I have written this script for a female client; however, it is intended to be adapted depending on the gender identification of the client. 






Now I’d like you to imagine that you see in front of you a winding path. Step forward on this path now and start your journey forward. For this path leads to a safe and beautiful place. A place that is waiting just for you. As you start walking, you notice how peaceful this place is. Take in your surroundings as you travel down this path. Are there trees, rocks? Perhaps there are valleys or hills surrounding you. 

Keep travelling down this path, taking in your surroundings and noticing any sensations you can see, hear or even feel. 

As you continue on your journey you notice a beautiful lake up ahead. Move towards this lake now. As you stand before this lake, you notice that it is crystal clear. You see your reflection as you gaze into the lake. But as you keep your focus on the reflection, the image shifts and morphs into the version of you who is a (age) year old (girl/boy). This is the same girl who felt abandoned and unloved earlier in your life. Notice how much happier she looks now. I’d like you as this little girl to go move away from the lake now and do something you love. You can now go and play freely in this special place. Maybe you want to go and pick some flowers nearby? Or maybe you will find a pile of books with beautiful pictures in them that you can read. The choice is yours, and you will be able to enjoy whatever activity you please as the resources you need will appear before you know. 

I’ll give you a few moments to play now, and as you do your inner child will be delighted and be filled with joy. 

Good. I’m so glad you have been able to play and feel how wonderful it is to be you and to do what you like to do. I’d like you to stand up now and walk towards the tallest tree you can see nearby. As you approach, you notice someone is there waiting for you. It is the adult version of you, who embodies who you are now. Now that you have all of the resources, self-belief and love within you to accomplish anything and live the best life possible. She is here to remind you of just how loved and valued you are. 

Run towards her now, as she has her arms outstretched and open wide to give you a big hug. Feel the love radiate out from adult you and enjoy the warm embrace. Adult you take your hand now and sits with you under this wise tree. 

She tells you how loved and respected you are. She lets you know that you belong and that many people benefit from your presence. Not only the people that you know and love, those whom you are close to. But many, many others, some that you have only interacted with fleetingly. In fact, people that you have never even met are better off being you are here. Your presence alone in this world is so valued. 

As you child you spends this quality time with the version of you that you have now become, you feel so at home and so at peace. The healing that you have integrated within you, shines forth like a glowing light, illuminating your entire being. You feel at one with yourself and everything around you. For you are one with everything and you innately sense this now. You know you can never be alone. 

You are feeling so confident and capable and the longer you spend here with adult you, the more you know your own worth. You feel so well-equipped to move forward with confidence now. Knowing that you will continue to create experiences where you feel such a sense of belonging… Such a sense of peace. And you know that your relationships will be filled with ease, with loving interactions and mutual respect. You now feel at home within yourself and this radiates out from you, filling your life with joy. And you know that you will always feel safe and loved, because you will always be there for you. 

I’m going to give you a few moments to say a message to adult you. Whatever you need to say, you will know. Just allow yourself in your mind to say what you need to say. 

Give me a nod of the head once you have conveyed your message. 

(Wait for nod) 

Very good. Now I’m going to give you a few moments to allow adult you to respond. 

Just give me a nod of the head once adult you have finished talking.                   

(Wait for nod) 

Fantastic. You’ve done such a wonderful job. 

It is time to say goodbye to the adult version of you. Give her one last hug and feel how much love resides within both of you now.  Wave bye-bye now and watch as she walks away. You notice there is no sense of sadness to see her leave. You know that you are strong and powerful, and that you can call on her at any time if you need to be reminded of just how loved, valued and respected you are. 

I’d like you to walk back to the lake now. Go over and gaze at your reflection again. As you do, you notice you are back to the adult version of you. You look so healthy and happy. You have a glow about you and your inner peace is very apparent. 

I’d like you to imagine in your mind now all the things you would like to create in the next five years, now that you are this empowered version of you. See the image in the reflection change to scenes of the future. What you can be, create and achieve is limitless. 

I’m going to give you a moment now to allow your amazing creations to play out in front of you. Let me know when you are done by giving me a nod of the head again.

 (Wait for nod) 

That’s terrific! You have done such an incredible job. It’s now time for you to go forth and be the person that you were always destined to be.