Close your eyes and begin by taking a few deep breaths. Feel your lungs take in oxygen with each breath … feel it enter your lungs … and feel your body relax and let go a little more with each exhale, breathing out any tension or concerns. In … and out … that’s good … feel how easy it is to just lie here and breathe … so effortless. There is nowhere else you need to be and nothing you need to do right now except relax and listen to the sound of my voice. And the more relaxed you become, and the deeper you go, the more any sounds outside … or any noises in this room … or any sense of the world around you gently fades into the background … because right now it does not need your attention or participation. You are all that is needed. As you continue to listen to me, the sound of my voice takes you deeper and deeper within, to the part of you that is the subconscious … a place where you are who you truly are … where every part of you is loved, understood and appreciated. This is where you are connected to your soul and to divine source, and where everything is clear to you. And you know that what you have learned today is true and good, because your soul only wants what is good for you … and the knowledge that you take from here can only grow more clear, more meaningful and positive with each new day. 

I want you now to bring your awareness to your body … feel how heavy your eyelids are … how relaxed every part of your body is … and how it becomes still more relaxed with each breath you take … Now become aware of the weight of your body gently pressing into the couch … feel your back and the backs of your arms and legs sinking into its surface … feel gravity pulling the entire body down and down … so that you almost feel as though you are gently falling through the couch and even further down and down … as you sink deeper and deeper to the very deepest part of your subconscious … Deeper and deeper now … gently, safely … until you gently land and rest for a moment. You know that from this point on you can take my suggestions if you choose to … and because your subconscious knows what is best for you … you know that you can trust what I say and that you will receive exactly what you need to hear. 

I want you now to imagine that you have landed in a beautiful wetland nature park … filled with lush, green lawns and rolling hills … with groves of trees nestled here and there and garden beds of flowers and grasses … and here and there you see small lakes of all shapes and sizes … Some of these lakes are interconnected with wooden walkways that let you cross from one part of the park to another … and in the water are grasses, water reeds, lotus flowers and all kinds of water vegetation … all lush and healthy … you can easily see everything before you from where you are standing. 

It’s a beautiful day, the temperature is just right for you and you are so happy to be here. You set out to explore the park … there is no specific direction you need to take today … you can walk aimlessly without a thought or a care if you choose … and you realise this park is designed to make it easy to just meander here and there, with no plan … no expectations … no right or wrong turns … no blind spots. Everything here just flows naturally and easily; no thought is required, and it is a joy to just be here. 

You see water birds as you approach the water … and dragonflies that hover over the water’s surface, suspended for a moment before flying off as if whisked away by some magic hand … everything here is in perfect harmony with itself. You walk towards the closest lake in front of you and the water looks so glorious … and to your surprise the water is shallow … maybe two feet at most … and you realise all the lakes are shallow and now you feel completely safe. You gladly step onto the wooden walkway in front of you and begin to follow the path as it criss-crosses the lake … you follow it as it joins another pathway nearby to another lake. You occasionally look down into the crystal green water as you walk and see fish of all colours swimming around the grasses and reeds, nibbling at something or other and then moving on … all at a slow and relaxed pace. Everything here is so wonderfully relaxed. 

You have been walking a while now and see ahead of you the outcrop of a small rise in the ground .. it  meets the edge of the water in a sort of cliff face … at the base of the cliff is a natural rock formation… and as you look closer you see that there is a natural cave there with a small waterfall flowing over the mouth of the cave and spilling into the rocks at the edge of the lake … a glistening delicate waterfall of the purest water, straight from the hillside … it forms a thin curtain of pearly drops as it falls. It looks cool there in the shade of the cliff and you decide it is a lovely place to rest a while. You make it there in no time at all and as you approach you see how lovely and shaded this spot is, and how soothing the sound of the waterfall is … the sound makes you feel even more relaxed now and you find a comfortable spot and sit down .. and close your eyes and rest for a while. As you rest you go deeper and deeper and you’re not sure how long you are there … it does not matter because all you want to do is enjoy the peaceful sound of the water and the healing energy that is so strong here. 

Once you have rested you are ready to continue to explore the park … you know there is something here you are meant to see. You get up to leave and notice out of the side of your vision a figure emerging from the waterfall onto the flat, even rocks at the mouth of the cave. You look closely and she looks familiar to you … and you realise with surprise that she is you, the younger you. She is smiling and waves shyly to you at first, and then more and more confidently … excitedly waving to you to come over to her. You are amazed and you immediately feel such love for her, such deep, deep appreciation and you want to go to her, for she has something to say to you. Something she wants the adult Mary to know, that will assist her to integrate the insights she has gained today and reconcile her understanding of the younger Mary so they can both move forward. 

You approach and join her at the base of the waterfall … you look into her eyes and you ask her to speak to you from the heart and tell you what she wants you to know. She tells you precisely what you need to hear at this time. Listen to her message to you now and let me know when she has finished by nodding your head once …. [Wait for nod.] 

Good … now thank her for her message of love and wisdom … tell her how grateful you are and how useful this information is for your growth and healing. Remind her that you are the person she will grow to be and that all the gifts she has given you are part of her too … that you are both a part of each other, and everything that one does benefits the other too. Let her know how precious she is … how much she is loved and valued … and how wise she is and will be. 

Before you go she wants to give you one more thing … she looks smiling into your eyes and gently pulls you back with her towards the waterfall behind her … and as you step under the cleansing, healing water you feel renewed and refreshed … and you know she feels this too as you hold hands and smile into each other’s eyes. The water washes over you both, washing away any last residue of doubt or sadness, cleansing your mind, your heart, and every cell in your body so that when you step out again into the sunshine you feel that you have taken her into your heart and you feel wonderful, and happier than you can ever remember feeling. 

Give the little girl a hug before you go … feel her love grow stronger and more self-assured as you hold her, and feel yourself grow more peaceful and grateful for the gift of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness that she has just now given you … see her fade back into the waterfall and into the cave once again, to a place of safety and calm while you turn around and with a lightness you have never felt before you begin to return to the park … confident that you now know what you have to do to become the beautiful, confident and happy person that you saw reflected… 




Explanation Of Script 

The script would be ideal for clients who are seeking reconciliation with some aspect of their younger selves following exploration of an earlier memory (the assumption is childhood). The purpose is to facilitate forgiveness of self and on a broad level. It is OK to attach my name to this script.