By Sheridan Sandow

Imagine you are light as a feather. As you focus on how light you feel, you begin to float up. Up and up through the sky. You are supported and comfortable, and breathe easily. You continue to float up and up. Relaxed and comfortable, you float up into the galaxy with ease. You are surrounded by twinkling stars. You notice one particular star and float towards it. As you float closer you see that its light burns brightly around its edges but it is hollow inside. You are now close enough to reach out and touch it. As you do, all your fears and worries leave you and begin to fill the hollow of the star. When you feel that you have filled it as much as you would like, give it a tap. It drifts away. Further and further away until it is a small speck of light in the sky. As you continue to float through the sparkly, shimmering sky you notice other stars. These are different to the last, they burn full and bright. As you float past each one you reach out and touch them. As you touch each one you feel its energy fill you. One star contains confidence… Another star contains joy… Each star containing something different for you to absorb… Confidence, joy, peace, vitality… As each star dissolves into you, you shimmer and shine brighter and brighter. Continue to float through the sky collecting everything you need. You are now as full and bright as the stars. You now know that you carry these feelings with you and that you can call on them any time.

As you lay here peaceful and relaxed you become aware of how special human beings are. Your heart beats… Your lungs breathe… Without any effort… Without any thought… The human body is a marvel… Special… You have a body, a soul, and a mind. All working together in harmony to create the being that is you. A being that is strong, capable, confident. You know that you can achieve anything you desire. As you become aware of how special you are, any doubt or concerns you have about yourself just melt away as you are filled with the knowing that you are one of a kind. Strongā€¦ capableā€¦ confident…
You can choose what you want. You can choose joy, peace, love. Imagine now, joy filling your body, your soul, and your mind. Imagine a sense of peace washing over you. Feel it relaxing every part of your body. Now imagine love saturating and replenishing every cell in your body. The feelings of joy, peace, and love now permeate your being. Your body, your soul and your mind. You carry these with you and as you move forward in life you know you can achieve anything and you can choose what you want.