Issue: child is timid and being bullied at school

I’m so happy you’re here to visit me today. We’re going to go on a very special adventure together. Let’s get ready to have some fun.

Let’s move our bodies a little, shake our hands and move our necks from side to side, let’s lift our shoulders up and down and just get all floppy and loose like a rag doll.

Awesome job!

How about you lie down on my special chair. Make sure you feel relaxed and comfy, just like when you have a pyjama day at home.

Close your eyes if you want, or you can keep them open; that’s perfectly okay also. Let’s take a big, deep breath. Breathe in, feeling your tummy get bigger and bigger, and then breathe out, feeling your tummy getting smaller and smaller. As you breathe in and out, your body will feel even more floppier than before.

Imagine now that my special chair that you are sitting on is no ordinary chair. It’s a very special chair with special powers, and it can take you to the most amazing places in the whole universe!

Imagine the chair turning into a big, shiny rocket ship. It’s painted with all your favourite colours, and it’s just the right size for you. You can see all the buttons on the armrest, and the lever at the side is a booster engine that shoots you further and further out into space.

This rocket ship chair is super comfy and very, very safe.

Now, we’re going to count from 10 down to 1, and with each number, you will feel more and more floppy and sleepy, just like the astronauts do before they go to space.

Get Ready? Let the countdown begin!

10… the rocket ship makes you feel really relaxed, calm and snoozy.
9… Your body feels lighter, like you’re floating up in the air.
8… All your muscles are loose, from your head down to your toes just like the ragdoll.
7… You’re feeling so comfy in your magical rocket ship chair.
6… the light sounds of the rocket’s engines quietly come to life.
5… It’s lifting off the ground, slowly and gently, up into the sky.
4… You’re looking out of the window, and you can see the moon in the distance.
3… The stars are all around you, twinkling and sparkling in the night sky.
2… You’re almost there, getting closer and closer to the magical world of space.
1… You’ve arrived in space in your amazing rocket chair. You’re weightless and free, floating among all the stars in the night sky.
You can explore, play, and have the most incredible adventures in this magical space. Everything here is super safe. Remember, you can return to this magical space anytime you want, just by closing your eyes and thinking about your amazing rocket ship chair.

I’ll be right here with you on all your fun journeys, so whenever you’re ready to come back to Earth, just let me know. But for now, enjoy your adventure in space and have a wonderful trip!


In the distance, you can see a big, bouncy star, and on top of it sits a friendly, little green Martian waving to you, eager to say hello.

I’d like you to jump from your chair and sit on that comfy, bouncy star. It’s as soft as a cloud, and it’s just perfect for you to settle into. The friendly green Martian is getting ready to share a wonderful story with you, a story that will take you on another magical journey filled with excitement and wonder.

Listen closely to the Martian’s story and know that you are completely safe and cared for here in space.

The Martian’s squeaky voice begins:

“Now, let me tell you a story about a little boy named Ben. Ben is the kindest, sweetest child that anyone has ever known. He is kind to animals and kind to other children. He gives his teacher an apple each week and draws pictures to make her smile. People always say how lovely he is for being so nice. And it’s true; being nice is a good thing, something that is very important.

But you know, sometimes when a person is gentle and kind, other people may try to push them around, just like a little girl in Ben’s class who began to push him around.

There was a girl who was bigger than Ben. She took his things when he was in class and pushed in front of him when lining up. She was a little bit mean to Ben.

Maybe her parents hadn’t taught her how to share and take turns or to be polite. Who knows? But there are rude people in the world, and there are people who will try to push in and try to push you around.

Ben told his parents what had been happening. His dad told him that what the girl was doing was not okay. His dad sat him on his knee and started to tell him a story:

Once upon a time, there was a lonely elephant who lived in a jungle. Everyone was so scared to be friends with the elephant because the elephant would trumpet really loudly and shake the ground. But a wise old elephant from the jungle passed by one day and asked the lonely elephant why he was so noisy. The lonely elephant said that no one wants to be his friend and people are scared of him. The wise old elephant said, “Then you must learn to trumpet in a friendly way.” He showed the lonely elephant how to trumpet softly, and from that day on the lonely elephant did just that, he began to trumpet softly.

After some weeks had passed, the wise old elephant saw two little monkeys being mean to the lonely elephant, pushing him around and throwing sticks and bananas at him. The wise old elephant raised his trunk high and trumpeted loudly, but not in anger, in a friendly and kind way.

The monkeys were surprised, and they stopped their mischief and listened. The wise old elephant told the monkeys, “It’s not okay to be unkind to others. We can all be friends and play together, and we must be kind and respectful to one another.” The monkeys thought about this and became friends with the lonely elephant from that day on.

The lonely elephant learned to use his trumpet to communicate his feelings and make new friends. He was now known as a kind elephant, and everyone liked him. Even the monkeys would sit high on his back and go for long rides with the lonely elephant; he would even reach up high in the banana trees to get the monkeys some food.

So just like that, the lonely elephant was no longer lonely, and you know that you too can be kind and gentle, but if someone tries to push you around or be mean to you, it’s okay to speak up and stand up for yourself. You can say, “Stop, I don’t like that” or “Please treat me nicely.” You have the right to be kind, and you have the right to also stand up for yourself when you need to.

Now, let’s practice. Say “No” right now with real strength and power.

(client says No)

Feel that strength in you. Again, say it even louder “No”.

(Client says No)

Very good.

Like an elephant can blow his trumpet really loudly. You can say no and really mean it. Just say “no” and mean it. Just say “stop it” and mean it. Say, “Stop pushing me around,” and mean it.

You can calmly tell your teacher if someone is taking your things because it is okay to stand up for yourself.

And that’s what Ben started doing from that day on. He found his voice. He felt strong but still kind and when the rude little girl tried to take his things, he looked at her and said, “Stop it! Give me my things back now, or I am telling the teacher.” She was shocked and she handed Ben back his things and even said, “I’m sorry.”

And then there was another day when she tried to push in front of Ben. He remembered the wise old elephant and how he had trumpeted in a friendly way. Ben said, “Stop pushing in; that’s not nice.” And the girl was really surprised by the sound of his voice, so she went back to the end of the line.

Do you know what happened after that? The girl didn’t look so scary to Ben anymore. She stopped being mean and learned to take her turn and stop taking people’s things.

That made Ben feel stronger and from then on, Ben was still known as a kind, sweet boy, but he was also known as someone you don’t push around.

You can be just like Ben. You can say “no” and stand up for yourself, and really mean it.


And that’s the end of this story. You’ve listened to it really well, and the magic of this story will work inside you like a special superpower each and every day.

Now jump off the bouncy star back into your rocket ship chair. Buckle your seat belt and wave goodbye to the little green Martian.

Now as the rocket ship chair takes off, in a moment, you will slowly start to wake from this adventure, but remember from now on I want you to know that you have the strength and confidence that you have learned from this story and when you open your eyes, you’ll feel strong but still kind and friendly to everyone around you.


One: wiggle your feet and feel them move
Two: jiggle your knees from side to side
Three: squiggle your tummy and feel the insides
Four: feel the niggle in your arms and shoulders
Five: giggle as you wake up from all the fun you have had on your amazing rocket ship chair